Zhubei City: Hsinchu Taiwan

Zhubei CityTaiwan
The unique style of Zhubei Taiwan

Zhubei City: Hsinchu Taiwan

Zhubei City is a fantastic city in the North of Taiwan. It is a county-controlled city. It is the county seat of Hsinchu County. It is an area that has rich resources, fertile land, and an abundance of ethnic culture. If you enjoy ethnic music and art, you will like Zhubei City. The Han Chinese make up most of the Ethnic Chinese in the area. It is divided into the Hakka and the Minnan clans. They live together in harmony and there is a nice blending of the two languages. The culture of the area comes out in every area of life. You see it even in the unique architecture of the buildings. The architecture is extremely unusual and different. It is a type of style not seen elsewhere in the country and its uniqueness is like a breath of fresh air. It is amazing! It is rare and exclusive!

Zhubei’s prior name was  “red fur field” (紅毛田). This came from the time of the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. Now the city has a new name! A new name for a new city! Zhubei City has become a popular city with immigrants. The Hsinchu County government has focused most of its infrastructure there. Many new immigrants never leave.

Zhubei City is home to the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park. This is the major center for technological industries in Taiwan. Zhubei City is a satellite city of Hsinchu City. It has become a high-tech hub!

Cai-Tian-Fu-Di Nation is a cultural museum in Zhubei City that has become a major tourist attraction.  Chinese Sweet Gum Avenue is one of the most beautiful highways in Zhubei City. Photographers especially like this highway for all the beautiful photo opportunities it affords.

Coast Proterozoic Forest is part of the Hsinchu Coastal Trail.  This is a bike path along the Nanliao Coast through Hsinchu County and into Maoli County. There is little shade as you are riding in Hsinchu County, but as you come into Maoli County it is a dense forest and has huge mangrove forests that you will ride through. This is the prettiest part of the ride.

No matter what you like most, there is something for everyone at Zhubei City. The next time you are in Hsinchu, travel a little north and visit Zhubei City. It is a modern city with quality hotels and restaurants. The truly have the welcome mat out.



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