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Bamboo Charcoal Noodles A Taste of Asia

Bamboo Charcoal Noodles

Bamboo Charcoal Noodles

Bamboo Charcoal Noodles are a unique Taiwanese taste! The Japanese were the first to begin producing Bamboo Charcoal noodles. Today, Taiwan is one of the largest producers of bamboo charcoal products worldwide. The noodles get their black color from the Bamboo Charcoal.
Bamboo charcoal is known to have many health benefits. It is estimated that bamboo charcoal has more than 400 kinds of minerals and possibly hundreds of medicinal benefits.  Bamboo Charcoal is reported to have many positive effects on our health.  Taiwanese food that is quick, easy, and healthy!

So how does this work? Why are these noodles made with black bamboo Charcoal healthy? Where do the minerals come from? Let us take a look at the common tree. It is from trees that the Bamboo Charcoal Noodles have their humble beginnings. As trees and shrubs grow they soak up necessary minerals from the ground. Because of this process, when trees and shrubs are made into charcoal, these highly oxidized minerals will be easily dissolved in water. Therefore, if the Bamboo Charcoal is placed in water, the minerals which are trapped in the charcoal will begin to dissolve. At this time, the water will be changed to Mineral Water. How exciting can cooking be? As a side note, if you use spring water to soak your charcoal in, you have doubled your medicinal effectiveness.

Usually, you can find Bamboo Charcoal Noodles in large Asian Markets. Simply prepare the noodles as directed on the package.  Add a variety of fresh vegetables. Then add one or two kinds of fresh mushrooms, a dash of sesame oil, onions, and garlic. You just have made a quick Taiwanese Bamboo Charcoal Noodle Meal. The taste is superb! The meal is dramatic and remarkable! It is a fast, nutritious, and cost-effective. What a wonderful introduction to Taiwanese healthy cooking. Bamboo Charcoal Noodles will bring you all the health benefits you crave. They are easy, quick, and Taiwanese!

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