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Frequently Asked Taiwan Travel Questions

Questions about living or traveling to Taiwan

As a result here we will answer all of the top questions about Taiwan living.
Therefore we will add links to additional information for the globe-trotting travel adventurer and the ex-pat community.

Here we will answer frequently asked Taiwan travel questions and answers from around the world. We have compiled allot over the years and will do our best to keep updating this page over time. Most of the questions have come from people in the United States and Europe but we are getting more from Asia every day now.

Taiwan Travel Questions

Exploration need not be difficult and with a few tips, your adventure can be just around the corner.

Living in Taiwan

Is Taiwan safe and a safe place to live?
Yes living in Taiwan is very safe. The people of Taiwan don’t commit a lot of small crimes. There is some crime in Taiwan but they seem to stay away from foreigners unless you go to bad areas of Taipei looking for trouble.
Is the water in Taiwan safe to drink?
Yes, local water out of the tap is safe to drink. The people of Taiwan take clean water and food very seriously and hold public officials accountable for any mistake.
How is medical care in Taiwan?
The medical system of Taiwan is much better than in the United States. Tests and complex treatments can be accessed by the average person and by foreigners who need cancer treatment or other procedures that are not available to the average person. There are also several private hospitals that specialize in cancer or other diseases and are very affordable.
Does Taiwan experience major hurricanes?
In this area of the world, these type of storms is called Typhoons. Yes, they do happen and yes they can be severe. However, Taiwan has built up its infrastructure to handle these storms and makes every effort to have the local population prepared. The country issues mandatory work closure and sends everyone home to prepare.

Traveling to or within Taiwan

What is our favorite hotel in Taiwan?
Our favorite hotel is by far the Ambassador Hotel in Hsinchu City Taiwan. There is something to be said for quality and superb management, and this hotel takes very good care of all of its guests. They also have a frequent-stay program and have helped us make arrangements for other hotels in the same chain.
What languages do people speak in Taiwan?
The major and national language is Mandarin Chinese. However several other languages are spoken such as Standard Mandarin, Taiwanese Mandarin, Formosan languages (Spoken by aboriginal peoples), Taiwanese Hokkien, Taiwanese Hakka, and Matsu dialect. will continue to update this Frequently Asked Taiwan Travel Questions area so keep checking back for new content.

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