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Enjoying The Day At The San Diego Travel Fair

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At The San Diego Travel Fair

Our team recently spent a fabulous day at the San Diego Travel Fair. What does our co-founder do when not working or traveling? Here he is shown building connections with Taiwan. We have a special connection with many countries and Taiwan is one of them. We are constantly checking out what is new and available in each country. Even on a day of fun and relaxation, we are constantly learning and building up the knowledge base. Traveling is important and all our team loves to travel. But it is when we are in our home offices that the ground work is laid.

A travel fair is exciting and you never know what you will see or learn. When we go to a fair, we expect to have fun and also learn new things. We are like a sponge, soaking up all the latest information. Every area has their own International Travel Fair, and we encourage you to attend if possible. Check out the speakers and try to take in several. Keep a small note pad on you to jot down nuggets that you may learn. We are able to learn from everyone we meet. Everyone comes with a little different perspective and background.

The San Diego Travel Fair was another travel experience. At a travel fair, the world is at your fingertips. We always meet new colleagues, and foster new connections. It is our hope to share all that we learn with you in the future. It is when we come home from any experience that we are able to share our pictures and thoughts. Every place has a beautiful side. It is up to you to find the beauty in each experience.

At a travel fair you will also see many of the latest travel accessories. On occasion you will read about a new product on our web page. A product does not get to our webpage until we have thoroughly tested it among the team. But often it is at a travel fair that we first encounter it.

Another highlight of travel fairs are the cultural exchange. You will see many dances and many native performances from around the world. Remember in the world of international communications, it is not right or wrong, it is just different. Some performances you will like and others you will not. There is always something to be learned from each.

So when you see your local travel fair in the news, take time to attend. Do you know where you are hoping to go next? If so, you can focus on that part of the world. If you are not sure yet, then enjoy the day and experience the world. Something or someone will trigger that inner desire to travel and then you can begin to learn what you can about your next travel adventure.

And who knows, you may encounter our co-founder out there making the rounds. A good travel fair is like a ray of sunlight. Enjoy your next fair and prepare for your upcoming  adventure.


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