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Exploring The Natural World Of San Diego


Exploring The Natural World Of San Diego

Exploring the natural world of San Diego is amazing. It is fascinating! San Diego has a delicate balance with nature. The Mediterranean climate is perfect for nature’s wonders to thrive. Colorful flowers bloom on her magnificent coastline. They are hidden from view, from her highways and byways. Exploring these beautiful flowers will be a delight. Their beauty is magnificent! Here you will discover the many shy creatures that have taken up residence. These little creatures sing songs of pleasure on a sunny day. They sing in the wetlands.  Some come out as the sun sets in the Western sky. Have you ever heard a Katydid sing on a nice pleasant evening?

Another jewel in San Diego’s natural environment are the beautiful Torrey Pines. These beautiful pine trees like to stay clustered out of view from San Diego’s Coastal Highway. They are so stately!  San Diego has several Natural Reserves that cradle and protect her most vulnerable natural delights. Here you will find outstanding and unique natural flowers, trees, and wildlife. One of these reserves is Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve. The reserve is an outdoor wilderness in the midst of a sea of urban life. This is the home of our nation’s rarest pine tree, the beautiful Torrey Pine. Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve has several trails waiting for you to begin exploring.

Within the reserve is the San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Here you can explore 316 acres of salt marsh and coastal uplands. These wetlands are vanishing quickly.Within the reserve the birds, animals and flora are protected. Over 90% of San Diego’s Wetlands have been drained and filled in.  They are now a vanishing  part of urban life. This makes these reserves a very critical part of San Diego County. When the marshes disappear, so do the beautiful flowers that call them home. In time the small animals disappear. The birds are no more.

Sweetwater Marsh is home to 4 of these species that are endangered. Have you ever seen the Light-footed Clapper Rail?  This beautiful bird of about 15 inches is gray-brown with a cinnamon-colored belly. Have you ever heard the call of the Light-footed Clapper Rail? In summer their calls sing out through the salt marshes. In the salt marshes they are protected. Exploring this beautiful refuge is a delight. Take time to sit and just listen. Listen to the call of her many creatures.

Take time to hike the many high broken cliffs overlooking the ocean. There are spectacular deep ravines and beautiful headlands.  San Diego abounds with many places of natural wonder and beauty. Take time for exploring all the different reserves, marshes, headlands, and beaches. Exploring these beautiful wonders is an adventure in the making. Watch the small animals that call these endangered flowers and trees home. Seek out her many treasures!

Exploring the natural wonders of San Diego makes for a fascinating experience. Listen to the Katydid sing in the night! Hear the call of the Light-footed Clapper Rail as he calls across the marsh. Admire the Yerba Reuma Herb, which grows naturally in the sandy soil.  Spend the day hiking this amazing region, exploring the wetlands, mudflats and eel grass beds. Listen to the sounds of nature! Admire the flora. It is all waiting, in San Diego!


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