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Happiness In Petra Begins With A Smile


Happiness In Petra Begins With A Smile

Happiness in the ancient city of Petra, begins with a smile. The Bedouins of the Jordanian Deserts have the most contagious smiles. Little things become fun! “Life is so much better when you smile!” What might seem usual to you, is still of interest to those living in the desert. It is these little small and unique moments that get the most contagious smiles. Happiness is a way of life. You make a decision to be happy, and happiness will come naturally. This is especially true with the Bedouins of the Jordanian Deserts.

Happiness is contagious in the Jordanian Deserts. Life is simple. Possessions are not everything! In Bedouin culture, it is the relationship that matters. They live a simple life. Their  homes are simple goat-haired tents in some of the harshest deserts. But here, they find happiness! A tasty cup of Arabian Coffee may accompany watching the sun set. They gather together under the stars to enjoy each other over a simple cup of tea. Sage tea is Bedouin Whiskey. Rising early in the morning, tea is made as all watch the rising of the sun.  Bedouin culture focuses on each other! Take time to interact and make relationships in the Jordanian Desert.

When one Bedouin was asked what made him the happiest, he replied quickly with a big smile. “Life is short. Don’t make it difficult on yourself.” (Abu Abdullah, a Bedouin living in Feynan) That is a most typical reply from a Bedouin in the Desert. Those that have chosen to stay in the deserts to life, have found the key to happiness.  They choose to smile often! It is a way of life!

In the traditional Bedouin culture, money is not of great importance. They may choose to work once or twice a week to meet their daily needs, but their life does not revolve around making money. The main interest of the Bedouins are relationships among themselves and all those they meet. They have formed many rituals around relationships and the land. The land where they live is something to cherish and take care of. Those who have chosen to forgo living in Rum or other towns, remain in the desert. It is here, that they find their reason to smile! Happiness is a way of life.

Bedouin hospitality is an adventure into a culture that cares. They see the hiker coming all wet from his hike in the desert sun. When such a need arises, it is the gift of goats milk that is offered. Sitting in the shade, goats milk is passed around. Friendships are formed. Smiles are exchanged. Together in the desert, happiness is found.

Travel into the desert and spend a few days at an Ecolodge.  Take time to immerse yourself in the daily life of the nomadic people of Jordan. Experience those contagious smiles! Spend the day learning to weave, as you also learn to embrace a simple life. Put your phone into the pocket of the tent and relax! Spend a day with a shepherd, as he herds the goats. Goats are pesky and fun. You will find many reasons to smile during your goat adventure.

A highlight of many trips to the desert is learning to make bread over an open fire. As you kneed the bread, conversation is lively, and the smiles are contagious. As your adventure in the desert comes to an end, you will have learned how to embrace the little things. “Life is so much better when you smile.”

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