St. Croix Island Area In Eastern Maine

Saint Croix Island

Saint Croix Island, known locally as Dochet Island, is a small island in Eastern Maine that sits at the mouth of the Saint Croix River. This is the border between Maine, United States and New Brunswick, Canada.  The island was the summer home to the Passamaquoddy Nation. The island was called Muttoneguis.  The Passamaquoddy Nation used the island as it's summer home several centuries before the French discovery of the island.  In the 1800's the island was called Bone Island, because of all the graves that were found and the many bones. Regardless of the name, this is an exciting adventure in Eastern Maine.

Today the waters of the Saint Croix River provides recreation for families who desire a delightful place to boat, canoe, or kayak. What a peaceful place to spend the day just discovering the many secrets of the river and the shoreline it borders. If you are dreaming of a quiet day on the river, this is the place to spend the day. The weather in the summer is in the 70's and 80's making it the perfect summer adventure.

Saint Croix International Historic Site

The Acadia National Park runs the St. Croix Island International Historic Site which was formally established as a National Monument in the early 80's.  The island is on U.S. waters, though Americans and Canadians work together on activities involving the island. At the park is a historical pathway with statues depicting different events from the 1600's.

A Young Woman And Her Child From The Passamaquoddy Nation

This historical park provides an historical experience for the whole family. Young and old will enjoy the different exhibits along the way. If you are planing on going out into the international waters, be sure to bring your passport.  Eastern Maine is the perfect place for a relaxed vacation or a more active adventure.  The nearby towns have excellent accommodations and restaurants.  So grab the family and head on out to Eastern Maine, where the people are friendly and adventure is waiting around every corner.



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