This is the Anthropology, Archeology, and History section. Some of my papers on certain subject matter can be found here. I don’t have everything up yet but will add all that I have over time.

The Ancestral Pueblo Mesa Verde National Park

The hidden city of the ancient Pueblo of Mesa Verde Colorado The cliff-dwelling ancestral Pueblo people of Mesa Verde National… Read More

Petroglyphs of Utah Sego Canyon

Petroglyphs of Utah Sego Canyon Petroglyphs of Utah Sego Canyon - Hunting for petroglyphs or ancient rock art can sometimes… Read More

Canyons Of The Ancients Pueblo Cultural Sites

View of Pueblo Ruins within the Canyons of the Ancients. Estimated reading time: 17 minutes Table of contentsIntroductionCamping LocationsWildlifeVisitors Center… Read More

Chaco Culture National Historical Park and Campground

Chaco Culture National Historical Park Pueblo Bonito Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Table of contentsQ & AChaco Culture National Historical… Read More

Bandelier National Monument Hiking Trails

Pueblo House Bandelier National Monument Introduction The Bandelier National Monument has an infrastructure that enables many types of people to… Read More

Albuquerque’s Petroglyph National Monument Exploration & Adventure

Front Gate To Petroglyph National Monument Visitor Center The Petroglyphs National Monument presents a unique environment where one can explore… Read More

City of Ur Plan – Building Blocks of a Civilization

City of Ur Artifacts 1920 Ur Online Field Photographs  Photo ID Penn Archival Image Label GN1912 Estimated reading time: 37 minutes City… Read More

The Tepe Sialk Ziggurat In Iran

The Tepe Sialk Ziggurat Of The  Siyalk Culture Image from There are times when I begin to plan our… Read More

Alaska Winter Survival From A Prehistoric Perspective

Microliths were added to Late Magdalenian bone tools like these, including harpoons and projectile points. DEA/G. Dagli Orti/De Agostini/Getty Images… Read More

Bangkok Thailand Travel and Adventure Guide

Bangkok Thailand is a great travel destination. This travel guide to give you everything you need to plan your vacation… Read More