Adventure Is a State of Mind

By Daniel Noll By A crumpled bit of inspiration I hijacked from Audrey early in our relationship hangs above my desk. Who would accuse Helen Keller of not leading an adventurous life even though she never went skydiving, bungee jumping or mountain climbing? While I was recently free climbing sandstone walls in Northern Ethiopia en […]

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Persimmon Farms of Hsinchu Taiwan

By Persimmon Farms of Hsinchu Taiwan With all of the excitement we have had traveling around Taiwan sometimes we miss what is in front of us. Thankfully we received an email from a colleague that gave us a heads up about the Persimmon harvest, and preparation here in Hsinchu county. Post by The […]

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When visitors come

By Allison When visitors come it immediately pulls you back to a time when the sights, smells and experiences you have everyday were not everyday. Back to when it was all fresh and raw. There are cows in the road. So much poverty. Sight-seeing. Mountains. The saris are beautiful. Pollution – garbage, air, noise. Trekking. […]

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Australia Travel Diary – Fraser Island

Hey guys, I’m back with the next installment of my travels down the east coast of Oz. Of course I’m currently in NYC and there’s lots of different things happening but I’ll fill you in on everything in my next NY post (it’s coming up very soon I promise!)….

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