Date Shakes In Indio, CA

By Travel Bites You Date Shakes In Indio, CA We travel to the desert for dessert for a date shake at the famed Shields Date Garden in Indio, CA a few hours east of Los Angeles. The sun was scalding but the shakes were cold and sweet. From: Travel Bites You Views: 1 0 ratings [...]

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Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona Beach is a clean white sand beach that is awesome to wander on at the break of day. In the early morning the temperatures are still around 78 in September, but will sore to the 90’s before noon. I love to walk and just enjoy the cool ocean breezes around 6 am, before many [...]

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Cijin Island, Taiwan

On the way to Cijin Island. This first shot is from the ferry. The beautiful boat in the second picture I took from the dock. It was our fairy coming in from the other side. I loved all the colors on the island. It was a marvelous morning. You will notice that all the bikes [...]

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