Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad At Disneyland USA

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Big Thunder Mountain Railroad At Disneyland USA is back once again and ready for adventure. Are you ready to rumble on down Rainbow Ridge? This is excitement for the whole family. Venture inside the mountain and scoop out the Big Thunder Mining Company. Scoot on down the track amid the cactus, […]

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Southern California Coast USA

Southern California Coast USA

Southern California Coast USA Southern California Coast is one of the most unique and beautiful coastal drives you will ever take. Drive down the Southern California coast and discover some of the most fabulous beaches around. Take time to visit the best beaches that  Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego have to offer. The drive is […]

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Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant In Taiwan

Modern Toilet Restaurant Is Busy Modern Toilet Restaurant is a landmark in Taipei, Taiwan! You sit and eat in squat toilets, sit toilets, and urinals. It seems to some to be a weird concept, but they are always busy. The food is said to be tasty enough, but you guessed it, it looks like…… Welcome […]

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Lechon: National Dish Of The Philippines

Lechon: National Dish Of Philippines Lechon is a famous pork dish that begins with a suckling pig that is roasted over charcoal. It originated in Spain and spread throughout all the areas where she had former colonial powers. The word lechon comes from the spanish word, lechón, which means suckling pig. Lechon is a favorite […]

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LEGOLAND Water Park Fun in Carlsbad, California USA

LEGOLAND Water Park Fun In California

LEGOLAND Water Park Fun Legoland Water Park is fun and excitement in Carlsbad, California USA. It is just the right balance of adventure and interaction. The ideal age for Legoland Water Park is probably 4-9. It is one of the most exciting places for young children and any age that values legos. There are over 50 […]

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Seediq 賽德克族 Taiwan's Aboriginal Tribesmen

Seediq 賽德克族 Taiwan’s Aboriginal Tribesmen

Seediq: Taiwanese Austronesian People Seediq People, a tribe from the Puli mountain area, was officially recognized as Taiwan’s 14th indigenous tribal  group on April 23, 2008. Seediq people are made up of three recognized sub-groups: the Tgdaya , the Toda , and the Truku. The Seediq traditionally have called the border area home that lies between the […]

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Lego CHIMA Water Park

CHIMA Water Park in California USA

Chima Water Park In Carlsbad, California Chima Water Park, the water park from another world. The Lego Legends of Chima has all the excitement and adventure you have ever dreamed of. The Lego Legends of Chima Water Park has just finished an all new expansion and upgrade. If it is excitement you crave, then The […]

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Taiwan Strait in Taiwan

Taiwan Strait Republic of Taiwan

Shells Over Taiwan Strait In Taiwan Taiwan Strait or Formosa Strait is the water between the mainland and the Island of Taiwan. It is also known as the Black Ditch. It is about 110 miles long. The narrowest part of the strait is 81 miles wide. This is what separates the mainland of China from […]

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