When you are thinking about traveling to Asia, you are traveling to a paradise. This is a large continent that one can think about exploring but cannot narrow down where to start from. It comprises 48 countries, each being unique and spectacular in its own ways. But if you want to start great, begin your journey with the two most populated countries in the world, China and India.

It will take years to explore each corner of the continent in the truest sense. You can also start your journey from Southeast Asia and explore countries like Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia through backpacking. While these countries will mainly be crowded, you can go out hunting the luxury gems of the continent.

Bigger nations like China, India, and Japan attract travelers globally and they do because of their food. The largest yet most attractive variation of cuisines can only be found within this continent. You will rediscover your palette and create ever-lasting memories here.

There is no such particularly great time to visit Asia and you can enjoy lush jungles, majestic mountains, beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and bustling markets all around the year. But try avoiding the monsoon and plan your trips accordingly.

When you are visiting Asia, you are going to witness newer experiences as you travel around Central, East, South, and Southeast Asia. The cultures will change enormously and you are going to cherish every bit of their hospitality.

Follow our blog to know more about the best travel destinations in Asia and plan the perfect getaway. We also provide bucket list experiences, travel guides, and tips from the travelers of our community. Do not miss out on any updates and let Asia make you feel at home.

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