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FAQ About Traveling and Moving Alaska

Denali Highway Alaska
Denali Highway Alaska

Frequently Asked Alaska Travel and Moving Questions

Moving to Alaska

Over the years we have been asked many times about Alaska Travel and Moving FAQ article and thought we would share some of our updated knowledge since things can change.

Driving through Canada is still popular and if you can manage your gas consumption and cut costs by camping or sleeping in your car costs will drop allot. The time of year is greatly important because if you are too cold you will need a hotel room. Everything costs more along the road so buy food, water, or other caning goods at lower costs in the lower 48 first. 

Upack shipping containers are currently one of the cheapest ways to get household goods from the lower 48 states into Alaska. 

Shipping automobiles via Lyndon Transport out of the Seattle port will run you around $2300 in 2021.

The Alaska Ferry or marine highway is still useful but can be expensive. Make sure if your taking an Automobile to consider the length of the vehicle due to cost,  and stuff it full of things that are expensive or hard to find in Alaska. $5000 for a small CRV/SUV is not unusual if going to Wittier Alaska. Here is the link for the Alaska Marine Highway.

Driving a truck and trailer can be more cost-effective if going to the interior or Anchorage area. We have done this before using trailers and U-Hal when we need to bring in large items or bulk items that are hard to find in Alaska. South East Alaska you would need the Alaska Ferry system but might be able to cut some costs if driving into Canada and the Yukon Territory and then down to Skagway. You can then take a short ferry ride to Juneau. If closer to Washington state is your destination then consider going out of Bellingham Washington and take the Alaska Marine Highway but be sure to save up for the extra costs. 

If you’re taking the Marine Highway to Wittier you can then drive off the ferry to Anchorage or take the train from Wittier to Anchorage, Denali, or Fairbanks.

Mount Denali
Mount Denali

Traveling Alaska

Alaska Travel and Moving FAQ

Traveling to Alaska right now in 2021 is very simple, and does not slow me or others down much. When you arrive you currently do need to show proof of a negative covid test or get tested at the airport when you arrive. The test needs to be within three days currently. I have personally done the test several times and it is a short nasal swab without any discomfort at all. Once you in Alaska there shouldn’t be any testing between airports as you go along. If your driving along the highways inside interior Alaska you should be good for the 2021 summer session. Please keep in mind, that the State of Alaska has no mask mandate but on federal land or buildings, you are required to wear one. So keep this in mind if you’re travel or moving to Alaska.

In my own observation outside of Juneau people don’t seem to be wearing masks much and outside it’s very limited. Flights have continued internationally for the state and there does not seem to be any illness issues of any kind and that includes the seasonal flu. People do spend time outdoors in Alaska and I’m sure that has also helped.

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This article and a combination of photographs, videos, and articles about Alaska, covering everything from travel adventures to moving and using the Alaska marine highway.

Juneau Alaska Downtown
Juneau Alaska Downtown.

Downtown walking tour of Juneau

Juneau Alaska 4th of July Parade

Take the Juneau Alaska Mt Roberts Tram to the top of the mountain.

Juneau Alaska – This is a common destination for people who take the larger cruise ships out of the lower 48 United States and Canada. The town has a historic downtown district and a tramway from the dock to the top of Juneau’s mountains for a spectacular view. Below is a walking tour of downtown Juneau, and along the docks. Make to like, and subscribe to our youtube channel so you can keep up with our latest Alaskan content.

Welcome Denali National Park
Welcome to Denali National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve In AlaskaDenali State Park Alaska is a small piece of Alaskan paradise. Its tallest peak is Denali or in the past called Mt.McKinley. Mt. McKinley is revered by the Tanaina Indians. “Kesugi” is an Indian word in the Tanaina dialect that means “The Ancient One.” It is interesting that Denali in the Tanana dialect means “The High One.” Denali is the original name for Mt. McKinley. Mt. McKinley is 20,320 feet high and is the highest mountain peak in North America.


Photo of the day ~ Whittier in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska
Whittier Alaska Port

Whittier AlaskaWhittier Alaska is the Gateway to the Prince William Sound, an area that services cruise ships of those wanting to go into Anchorage. Anchorage is about 65 miles north of Whitter, and the last 65 miles can be done by motorcoach, train, or rental car. Those wishing to drive to Anchorage are able to complete the trip in daylight, as the summer days are 22 hours long. These 65 miles go through a mountain serviced by a tunnel that provides basic service at best.


Alaska Travel and Moving FAQ Questions Answered
Alaska Hiking

My Alaska Hiking Blog of the Far North – Today we thought we should add to our Alaska Hiking Blog feature here at ExploreTraveler. These days we are in the interior of Alaska and spring breakup is now upon us. As you can see some of the smaller lakes are starting to un-freeze but others are still very much frozen. So far this spring we have decided to hit out on the trails that start on the land owned by the University of Alaska. We like t get started early in the morning and begin hiking deep into the easy trails first and this keeps going until we run out of time. I have added German translations to help our visitors from Europe to find this article and ease of information sharing.


Ketchikan, Southeastern Alaska USA
Ketchikan, Southeastern Alaska USA

Alaska Marine Highway Adventure – The Alaska Marine Highway has to be one of our favorite adventures and one we have done several times. It connects into the Alaska State highway system, and railways giving you plenty of adventure all along the way. The distance, territories, and places one can see will boggle the mind. This article is meant to be a guide, and a motivational piece to get you the reader out of your house or apartment and on an adventure that does not have to be high cost unless you want it to be.

Alaskan wilderness

Winter Adventures In Alaska USA – Who doesn’t know about the North Pole and all the stories about Santa Claus? But what most do not realize is that there is a town in Alaska, where this Santa is believed to be at work. Here he is said to live year-round. He is always busy in his workshop making people happy. Here, joy fills the air no matter what time of year, but especially during the winter. Regardless, of you believe in the man with the jolly red suit or not, you can not escape the joy that is in the air as winter approaches. North Pole, Alaska is the home of wintertime delight, astonishing creativity, and county charm.


Skagway Alaska
Skagway Alaska

Skagway Alaska Gateway To The North – Welcome to Skagway Alaska, the gateway to the Klondike and beyond. Skagway is yesterday alive and well! In Skagway, you will hear the old honky-tonk pianos and the cries of the prospectors. Gold has been found! Nothing much has changed in Skagway, Alaska;


Petersburg Alaska
Petersburg Alaska

Exploring Petersburg AlaskaPetersburg may be a small, quaint, fishing village, but this small village settled by Norwegians, is a bundle of a big adventure. Here in this isolated village, you will see the built-in work ethic of the Scandinavian people.  Norwegians built it to resemble Norway, to bring a piece of home to their new Alaskan life. It is a thriving fishing village that is still successful. Not much has changed over the years. In Petersburg, we see what was, what is, and what will be.

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It’s important to plan and this Alaska Travel and Moving FAQ will help you get a head start. We welcome comments of other information that should be added and we plan on building this up and adding additional articles linked to assist people wanting information, photos, and videos of a certain area.

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