When we hear about Iraq, our thoughts usually conflict and think if we need to visit the place. Well, the ones who are not visiting are surely going to miss out a lot. But people who visit Iraq are always eager to visit it again. This is the kind of welcome experience the country has to offer.

Travelers mostly prefer visiting the region of Iraqi Kurdistan for its mountainous beauty and thriving modern cities. The very educated and self-confident locals welcome you with open arms. But wait, there is more. You can hike around the mountainous terrain or walk around the historic city of Baghdad to learn more about their culture. The mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets won’t disappoint you for once. Enjoy the scenic boat travel down the Euphrates River or scramble your memory across the ruins of Babylon. At every step, you will be reminded of how culturally rich this country is.

Situated in the Middle East, the country witnesses summer as its primary season. For travelers, the months of September to April are the best to explore and enjoy. The heat is lower at this time and you can easily get accustomed to the surroundings. You can take a tour around in cars or explore the Iraqi deserts on camel or through desert tours.

When within the country, understand which part of it you are visiting and plan it accordingly. To travel comfortably, plan out the regions and segregate them according to the season of autumn and spring. To much surprise, this nation is also pretty safe for solo women travelers. It is safe and energetic for anybody to enter the country that has prior experience in traveling around the Middle East.

Check out the best travel destinations in Iraq with our blog and book your next tour to the Middle East.

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