Middle East

Istanbul Turkey At NIght

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City of Ur Plan – Building Blocks of a Civilization

City of Ur Artifacts 1920 Ur Online Field Photographs  Photo ID Penn Archival Image Label GN1912 Estimated reading time: 37 minutes City… Read More

Exploring Mount Nebo

                  Mount Nebo Adventure "The Promised Land" as Seen by ‪Moses on… Read More

The Tepe Sialk Ziggurat In Iran

The Tepe Sialk Ziggurat Of The  Siyalk Culture Image from nl.wikipedia.org There are times when I begin to plan our… Read More

The Many Mysteries Of Petra Jordan

The Many Mysteries Of Petra Jordan is a showcase of Petra the city that was lost in the cliff of… Read More

The Magnificent Church Of The Holy Sepulcher In Jerusalem Israel

 Light Shines In The Darkness At The Church Of The Holy Sepulcher In Jerusalem Israel What a magnificent sight to… Read More

#1 World Acclaimed Sycamore Tree of Israel

sycamore tree or sycamore fig tree Sycamore Tree In Ancient Israel With Video The Sycamore Tree, an ancient species of… Read More


Mesopotamian Archaeology is another ebook in our series of history based on the regional area of the fertile crescent. This… Read More

Journal of a Residence at Bagdad

Photo is from the Ur Project of the 1920's south of Bagdad. People have asked many times over the years… Read More

Geographical Area of Ur ‘of the Chaldees’

Taken by Leon Legrain (1925-1926). Historical Review Geographical Area of Ur 'of the Chaldees' The Neolithic Technology Connection By John J.… Read More