Write For Us

Writing Guidelines:

  • We’re looking for a minimum 1500 words of your own amazing experience.
  • Article should be written in very simply as everyone can read and understand easily.
  • Try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistake. Minor mistakes will be recovered by us, but very poor quality articles will be rejected.
  • All articles must be original content. They must not have been posted previously anywhere on the internet.
  • Make sure to include a bio for the bottom of the post with all your social media accounts and your travel blog linked so we can promote your article and you.
  • All articles should be submitted via Word and clearly indicate where in the article the photos should be placed.

Why Write For Us?

When we were starting out, we had so much to say and wanted more people to hear our story. When we wrote for the blogs that we admire and enjoy, we were excited and thrilled to see our story on their page. We were even more excited when we watched our website grow because we were making new friends and gaining a new audience.

How will you gain a new audience? We’ll share your article and tag your Twitter, Facebook.
Our website with our 1.5K + monthly readers,
45K+ Instagram followers and
100K+ facebook fans.

We know that people enjoy our stories. They’ve heard it from us, now they want to hear from you. Show them that anyone can live an extraordinary life and that travel can enrich their lives just as it has enriched yours.

Who Can Write For Us

If you are a traveller, travel blogger, travel influencer, tourist guide or a writer who is interested to write about travelling and want to share your knowledge about different places and countries, you are welcome to share your ideas.

How to Apply

We’re seeking guest bloggers who are able to create quality content for our readers, while gaining backlinks for their own site.

In your application email, please include:

  • 1. the website address of the site you represent
  • 2. your 3 blog topic pitches
  • 3. a link to an article you have written so that we can assess your writing style

If your application is successful, you’ll need to submit your post in a Google Doc, as well as giving us access to the image folder.

Reach out to us via email johnjgentry75 [@] gmail [dot] com – to find out if you successfully qualify to write a travel blog guest post for us.