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Israel has been a favorite spot to anybody who has visited it or to anybody who is planning a visit. It has a vibrant culture and accommodative weather that welcomes travelers from around the world, opening its arms for people who love to explore and have a variety of preferences. You can visit the warm seaside of Tel Aviv, revisit history through Jerusalem, mix with the locals and their ethnicities, and get influenced by their rich heritage. Nature in Israel bears so many unheard stories and above all, the food awaits you.

If you are in Israel, you will probably start your trip from Tel Aviv. It is a very vibrant city with Broadwalk, sea, beautiful beaches, and nice eateries surrounding the place. You will also get to explore the local markets and the bars. Do not forget to try hummus here. You can then take your next stop at the old capital city of Old Jaffa. Delve into the beauty of this place by renting bikes or cycles and visiting the street markets.

Do not forget to explore the city of Jerusalem and soak in its rich history. The four quarters of the city is its main attraction. The Dead Sea is also an unforgettable experience that you’ll love and cherish for your lifetime. That feeling of staying afloat on the water is something unimaginable. To reach here, take a bus from Jerusalem which would comfortably transport you to this place.

The Middle East can be exciting and Israel is the proof of that. Get to know more about it with our blogs that feature the best travel destinations in Israel and help you plan your trip in the best way possible. We list out everything from the best season to the best spots that you can explore within the country. It’s time to get swayed in the Arabian Nights and the small winding streets of this lesser-traveled Asian gem.