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Lover’s Bridge Danshui Taiwan

Lover’s Bridge Danshui Taiwan  February 14, 2003 marked the opening of this beautiful, white, cable stayed bridge, thus the name of “Lover’s Bridge.” This graceful bridge marks the entrance to the Danshui District (also spelled Tamsui) and the acclaimed Fisherman’s Wharf of Danshui. One of the amenities of the bridge is the opportunity to watch […]

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Shei-pa National Park, Taiwan

By Shei-pa National Park is the wonderland of trails for hikers of all abilities and is located just slightly  north of central Taiwan. There are more than 100 peaks that challenges those who come to Taiwan to climb each year and 19 of  Taiwan’s best are located in  Shei-pa National Park. In total, this climbers […]

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Yehlin Cape, Taiwan

Yehlin Cape, Taiwan,  what an awesome day of discovery! In your wildest dreams did you ever think you would see a mountain that was forced out of the sea? Welcome to Yehliu Promontory, a wild and beautiful cape on the northern coast of Taiwan, in Yehliu village in Wanli  District, New Taipei, Taiwan. Yehliu stretches its […]

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HsinChu Taiwan a cultural experience

     Living and working in HsinChu Taiwan By ExploreTraveler: HsinChu Taiwan is within the northern portion of Taiwan, and is home to some strong cultural differences. You have the influence of the Haaka culture, and the aboriginal difference in the mountains surrounding the city. We have been living […]

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