Traditional taiwanese egg waffles

Traditional Taiwanese Egg Waffles

  Traditional Taiwanese Egg Waffles Traditional Taiwanese Egg Waffles are traditionally sold on the sidewalks of Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong by street vendors.  Looking at the lines, one could assume that they are quite popular. Locals and tourists alike flock to buy these traditional snacks. New Years is not complete without these scrumptious snacks […]

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Road construction in Taiwan

Road Construction In Taiwan

Road Construction in Taiwan Road construction all over the world is a pain, but imagine driving your rental car and coming upon this? What would you do? Where would you go? This is a mountainous road! It is narrow and steep! Do you really want to go around? This is perhaps one of the best […]

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Persimmons: Health Secrets From Taiwan

Persimmons: Health Secrets From Taiwan Persimmons, a major fruit found in Taiwan and most of Southeast Asia, are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are a deep yellow to orange in color and resemble a tomato in shape. They have a very sweet taste and make an excellent desert. They are delicious! They are a delightful […]

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Sea World

Sea World: San Diego, California, USA

Sea World: Orlando,California,USA Sea World, is a San Diego experience that if fun and thrilling. Spend the day or several days. Ride the ray on the awesome roller coaster, Manta. There are lots of rides and many special attractions. Experience many live shows and other enchanting encounters such as Turtle Reef. Shark Encounter is both […]

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Wild Mushrooms found on the small island Homonhon in the Philippines

Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines

Wild Mushrooms Found In The Tropics Wild mushrooms are really everywhere in the Philippines and many other places of the world. The Philippines is highly blessed with several varieties of edible mushrooms. When searching for them, do take time to do your homework before you pick. There are non-edible mushrooms and they can be poisonous. […]

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Water Dance was magical at Kaohsiung Lantern Festival in Taiwan

Lantern Festival: Kaohsiung Taiwan

 Lantern Festival: Kaohsiung, Taiwan Lantern Festival is held on the first full-moon night of the Lunar Year.  What excitement is in the air! Lantern Festival is perhaps the most important of all the festivals in Taiwan. It is certainly the most romantic and everyone attends. You will see every style and make of lantern that […]

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Bamboo Forest from the aboriginal Siraya language of the hills surrounding Kaohsiung Harbor in Taiwan

Bamboo Forest: Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan

Bamboo Forest: Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan Bamboo Forests surround Kaohsiung Harbor in Taiwan. They are a dense green and beautiful! The Aboriginal Makatau language first called Kaohsiung, TaKau. Takau means bamboo forests in this Siraya Aboriginal Tribal tongue. Before the 17th century, Takau Isle was inhabited by the Makatau clan of the Siraya Aboriginal Tribe. Maka […]

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Millet Wine

Millet Wine: Aboriginal Homemade Wine

Millet Wine Of Taiwan Millet Wine, a cultural drink of Taiwan, has left the mountains and toured the world. What is it? What makes it so special? Let’s begin at the beginning….. Millet Wine is always homemade and was used as an offering to the gods and spirits that the Aboriginal people followed. You would […]

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