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A Birmingham Adventure In The Rain


There Is Nothing Quite Like The Rain In The Deep South

You have just arrived in Birmingham, Alabama, and are anxious to explore the city. Expecting a bright Southern day, you open the curtains and see that it is raining. Next, you can not help but notice that this is no ordinary rain, but a very heavy southern rain that seems to be nonstop. You quickly find out that when it rains in Birmingham, it pours, with no end in sight.

If a down day is no issue, you can check with your motel to see if you can get a copy of the movie, “Sweet Home Alabama.” It is a fun movie with a tad bit of cultural information. If there is a market close by, you might want to make a “Balogna Cake,” and like the actor in the movie, you will have it to take out of the refrigerator. It is quite easy and fun to make, just take 8 oz of softened cream cheese and mix in 2 tablespoons grated onion and 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce. Then take 1 pound of sliced Balogna and put one slice on a plate, then a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture. You do this until all the Balogna is used. Then frost your cake with the remaining cream cheese mixture. Place cake in the refrigerator and cool completely. After enjoying your movie, just slice in thin slices and serve on crackers. Now, this is a real southern treat!

For those that don’t mind getting out a little, there are numerous museums in Birmingham just waiting to be discovered. If you have kids, McWane Center is a marvelous hands on children’s museum that will even keep the adults happy. They also have an IMAX in the museum to delight the kids, though sometimes it seems a little deafening. This will keep the children occupied for hours. You will hardly notice the rain.

For art lovers, there is the Birmingham Museum of Art. This is a free art museum with many traveling exhibits that change quite frequently. The museum is rather large, with things for the whole family.

Birmingham is also host to many types of nightlife. Here you will find many concerts and plays, and the Alabama Symphony Orchestra has many local venues. There are many first-class concerts throughout the city. Birmingham is is an exciting place for those who like the nightlife.

Another major museum is the Museum of Civil Rights. Here you discover what happened during the struggles for Civil Rights in the United States. The location of the museum is in the area where many of the marches and demonstrations took place. It is a window into the history of our country. The things you see, are not easily forgotten.

Throughout the city are many restaurants and small local cafes. Many of these eateries specialize in some of the unique southern specialties, like “Bologna Cake.” Yes, sometimes Birmingham has a rainy day, but there are plenty of rainy day options………….and tomorrow, will most likely be sunny.


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