Washington backroads

Exploring More Of The Backroads Of Washington

  Backroads Of Washington  Are Amazing The backroads of Washington are amazing. Take any one of them and discover a mountain, a stream, or a lake. Mount Rainier is the highest mountain in the Cascade Range. It is just one of many stars in the Pacific Northwest. It is however, the shinning star of Washington State. Here […]

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Episode 19 New UNESCO sites to consider for adventure travelers.

Download Listen in a New Window iTunes Stitcher SoundCloud Leave a Review Clammr It Subscribe via RSS Subscribe on Android Subscribe to newsletter Now! Keep up to date on everything ExploreTraveler. https://ExploreTraveler.com Recently UNESCO has added some more sites, and reccomendations about these locations.

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Mango Sun

Mango Sun Cafe And Grill: Ormond Beach, Florida

Mango Sun Cafe And Grill: The Home Of The Pineapple Fritter Mango Sun is a jewel in the town of Ormond Beach. It’s quaint and brightly painted building is a breath of fresh air. It’s building captivates and draws you in; but is the awesome food and spectacular service that brings you back.  Upon walking […]

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Kangaroo Ridge

Exploring Washington Backroads

       Exploring Washington Backroads Exploring Washington backroads provides you with hidden gems you will never see from a freeway. Here, you will discover wildlife raising their families, migratory birds that linger in the valleys on their way home, and fish that delight the fisherman. There are so many roads that seem to go almost […]

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Mount St Helens today

Exploring Mount St. Helens

                    Mount St. Helens Mount St. Helens is an active and recharging Volcano nestled in the Cascade Mountain Range of Washington State. Washington State has five major volcanoes including Mount Baker, Glacier Peak, Mount Rainier, Mount St. Helens, and Mount Adams. These volcanoes are all a part of […]

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Exploring The Washington Coast

                 Welcome To Washington “Hello Washington!” Crossing the Astoria Bridge in Oregon and entering into Washington is a spectacular moment. In one brief minute you will leave Astoria, Oregon a nice little coastal town in Oregon and arrive in Point Ellice, Washington. This amazing truss bridge spans the mouth […]

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Exploring The Oregon Coast

             Exploring The Oregon Coast The Oregon Coast with its magnificent dunes, spectacular cliffs and wild surf is all the reason you need to come. People don’t come to sunbathe, you can leave your swimsuit in the car. If you are fortunate you will see a little sun peaking through […]

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