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A Green Osais In The Urban Cities Of Israel

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Living In The Green Oasis

Urban living in Israel can be like a green oasis. Especially in places like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. As more and more people in the city embrace this new lifestyle, the healthier the city becomes. Trees are being planted in Tel Aviv. With the added trees comes cleaner air. Many are starting to use every inch of space for fruit trees and vegetables. With each small step comes major benefits for the next generation. As the children are educated on making their cities a green oasis, the quality of the air and water will continue to improve.

Urban gardens are springing up everywhere. Wherever the roof is flat, roof gardens are showing up. These new urban farmers not only contribute to the green oasis of their city, but they are able to eat better. Many are able to raise enough to have extra to take to the emerging farmers markets. “Making the deserts green” has taken on a whole new meaning as the urban population turns to farming.

Those in the city without roofs to farm on, are using patios, decks, and balconies. Window boxes of greens can be seen under the windows.  Another type of growing that is getting popular is vertical growing. This is where the plants grow on the sides of the building. Green walls are becoming popular in Tel Aviv. Those without any access to the outdoors are growing food indoors. Instead of houseplants are herbs. Herbs often grown in the kitchen window. These may seem like small attempts, but it all is a major part of greening the desert cities of Israel.

All these urban farms are also providing work to those who would love to earn their living tending to your yard and garden. As the gardens grow, so does the need for added help. Small businesses are springing up around the city. Everyone is excited to be a part of this growing green oasis. As the farms grow, so will the need for quality workers. Thus jobs are created. Life is good in the city.

There are workshops and demonstration projects popping up in urban areas throughout the country. There are classes for children in the schools. These classes pay off, as they take their new knowledge home to share with the family. Workshops are springing up all over the city. Life is going green in Israel.

But it is not only farming that is going green. The water systems of the cities are updating to greener ways to deliver clean water to the people. Waste is being curtailed and efficient pumps are replacing the old outdated equipment.  Electric companies are investing in solar. After all, what a major asset the sun of the desert can be. Many families are choosing to live off grid, as solar power is becoming major in Israel. Even the garbage companies are getting in the swing of things. Many recycling projects are emerging around the towns and cities. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem have placed collection barrels around the city for empty soda bottles. At present re-cycling is just starting to take off. About 14 % of the population is involved in recycling, which is up from 7 % last year. This is another area where workshops and classes in the schools and around town are helping to teach everyone not to litter and to recycle. All these things are part of Israel’s new green oasis in the cities.

While a public transportation system is in the works in Tel Aviv, it is still a ways out. So what is happening now? Community bike programs are springing up all over Tel Aviv. There are bikes that can be used in the city for a small rental fee.  In some places free bikes are emerging. Both systems work on a honor system. You use the bike and return to a different bike rack when done. Other people are starting to get their own bikes and scooters. Bikes are becoming part of the green oasis in the city.

Another trend that has been developing is people moving to the country for a short time. They tend to stay a year or two and then often return to the city they left. With them comes their knowledge of how to live green, off grid, and frugal. With each family that returns, groups are forming and shared housing is becoming a way of life in Tel Aviv. Knowledge is learned and shared and the green oasis of the city gets larger and larger. Life is green in Israel.

Kibbutz Lotan is a small community to the north of Eilat. This Kibbutz is all about learning to be green. They are sponsoring a 7 week workshop in green living for younger people and families. During this 7 week workshop, students learn ecological building design and sustainable technologies for the home. They learn how to use composting toilets, purifying water for daily use with solar ovens and how to cook with the solar oven. They learn how to use their grey water to water the garden and other frugal ways to live green. Living green in Israel is becoming part of daily life.  Making the cities a green oasis, is a community goal.

As you plan your next Israel adventure, think about an eco vacation. Israel is fast becoming a leader in the world on green living. Come for a visit and leave with the knowledge to start your green program. As each year passes, more of these programs opening up to tourists. What a great way to combine a family vacation and some green education. This is a great year for an Eco Vacation in Israel.


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