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A Seafood Delight at Bali Hai Seafood Penang Restaurant in Penang, Malaysia

What is the best way to know about any culture? There is no better way than diving into a culinary adventure of a new place and exploring its various aspects. When we visited Penang, Malaysia, we decided to explore the vibrant Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant. Besides being an amazing travel destination, Bali is a wonderful choice for all food lovers. 

So are you excited to delve into the gastronomic journey of Karen and John to find out the array of delectable seafood dishes and experience the lively atmosphere of this international seafood restaurant? If yes, let’s get started. 

Exploring the Seafood Market:

As we stepped into the Seafood Restaurant, we were immediately captivated by the sight of fresh seafood worldwide. From Boston lobsters to Alaskan spider crabs, the market offers an extensive selection that caters to diverse tastes. We are thrilled to discover the true international essence of the market, showcasing seafood sourced from various regions, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Alaska, and even Boston, Maine.

And do you know what the interesting part is? The restaurant has a transparent glass where you can witness all the chefs preparing your food items live. 

Choosing the Perfect Feast:

With so many enticing options available, we embarked on the delightful task of selecting our seafood feast. We opted for a fresh jade perch, known for its exquisite flavor and texture. Additionally, we decided to taste the famous dish of this restaurant, chili crab. It is a combination of fresh flavors of seafood with a hint of spice. Our excitement knew no bounds as we eagerly awaited the food to arrive. 

A Memorable Dining Experience:

Seated in the open-air dining area, we are enthralled by a picturesque view of the nearby ocean. As we awaited our meal, we observed the pleasant ambiance and the lively market activity happening around us. The aroma of freshly prepared dishes made us more excited about the food. 

Furthermore, if you want to take your dining experience a notch higher, we have an exciting thing to tell you. You can choose the option of dining in a private bamboo suite. It is a remarkable option, especially for couples who want to spend some quality time and prefer some privacy. 

A Seafood Extravaganza:

Our first dish arrived—an inviting platter of vegetables, expertly cooked and bursting with flavors. It complemented the upcoming seafood dishes perfectly. A generous portion of rice accompanied the spread, ensuring a fulfilling meal. There is no denying the fact that the selection of seafood at this restaurant is outstanding. You can see each aquarium tank housing individual seafood. The restaurant truly depicts its tagline which is “If it swims, we have it.”

Beachside dining with Bali Hai Seafood Restaurant
A Seafood Delight at Bali Hai Seafood Penang Restaurant in Penang, Malaysia 2

Fresh Perch and Seafood Medley:

Finally, the moment arrived when we got our dish placed before our eyes. The jade perch is beautifully prepared, showcasing the skillful culinary techniques employed at Valley High Seafood Market. Crispy on the outside yet tender and flaky on the inside, the perch is a true delight to the senses.

The seafood medley dish features an assortment of squid, prawns, and fish, accompanied by vegetables and a rich sauce. I took the first bite, relishing the tender and flavorful squid. The fish offered a unique taste that pleasantly surprised us. The combination of different seafood elements with the delectable sauce created a symphony of flavors.

The Chili Crab Extravaganza:

A highlight of our meal, the chili crab, arrived, exuding an enticing aroma. With its bright red color and sauce that strikes the perfect balance between sweetness and spiciness, it promises an unforgettable dining experience. We eagerly cracked open the crab shells, revealing succulent pieces of meat bathed in the drooling sauce.

Final Thoughts 

As we took our final bite, we finally reflected on the incredible feast we had just experienced at Bali High Seafood Market. From the fresh seafood sourced from various corners of the world to the skillfully prepared dishes bursting with flavors, our culinary journey in Penang has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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