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Akko Templers Knights Halls

Akko Templers Knights Halls

Akko Templers Knights Halls

Akko Templers Knights Halls, the remains of the Crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, is amazing. These enormous halls were built by the “Hospitallers,” of Saint John’s Order of The Hospitals.  They were built in the early 12th century. The Crusaders began this massive program of building after the city was captured in 1104. What an amazing building program! These large halls, complete with these magnificent pillars, were used by the Crusaders for entertainment, dinning, resting, and many other important events!  Take a step back into the pages of History! Walk in the steps of the Crusaders! The city of Acre, also known as as Akko, grew and flourished under the influence of this ancient people. Immerse yourself in the daily life of these ambitious builders! Dare to envision what life was like! Relax in the great hall.

Akko was the main city for the Crusaders in Israel! Under their numbers and influence, the city grew and flourished. As the city flourished, the building programs grew! Check out these beautiful and massive pillars! These halls were alive with grander. Many of the Crusaders would stop in Akko to rest from the long journey. They knew that the remaining journey to Jerusalem would be long and hard. These gigantic halls were for them.  Here they could rest up before continuing on to Jerusalem. In these halls, they found rest!

The fertile valleys of Israel produced fantastic produce. Here the food was terrific. In these large halls, they would dine on good food and regain their strength. In these gigantic halls, they could eat, rest, and even be entertained. Music would fill the air! Whatever their needs, they were provided for in the Akko Templers Knights Halls.

Take a walk through the passages of the fortress. Explore the many chambers and tunnels. Walk in the steps of the Crusaders. Discover life in the 12th century. Listen to the movie that describes how Akko grew and flourished. Explore life as it was! See how devastation came to the city! Discover how the city fell! These beautiful halls and chambers were only discovered in the last 50 years. Until they were discovered, they were covered by Acre’s Citadel. Today, in the upper levels of the citadel, you will find a museum. This museum is very beautiful and shares the complete story of the revolution. Find the answers to the questions you did not know to ask! See how these amazing halls were built! Learn about the convict labor who played a major part.

Akko is believed to be the oldest city in the world. Imagine life in old Acre! Akko is a city of intrigue! Take a walk through the alleyways of this ancient city. Explore the streets of the old city. Walk along the city walls. Look out across the water. On a nice day you can see Haifa. What a spectacular view! As you walk through the city, explore the remains of Crusader life! See what made it great!

Across from the Mosque, is the entrance to the ancient Crusader city. You can walk and explore several levels of this magnificent city. Discover how the Turks built right over the top.  The lowest level of the Knights Halls is the Crypt, a great hall. What magnificence you will find in the Crypt! The Crypt is thought to have been used for great Crusader ceremonies.

Akko Templers Knights Halls, is a page in history like no other. For those who find the history of the ancient civilizations intriguing, these halls will not disappoint.  Adventure is waiting in every hall! Explore the many chambers! Also available is the book entitled “The Knights’ Halls – Conservation of the Hospitaller Compound in Old Acre.” It is available at the Visitors Center box office. Enjoy your Akko adventure! There is intrigue at every coroner. Excitement lurks in every hall.

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