Amazing Adventure Along The Robertson River In The Foothills Of The Eastern Alaskan Range

Amazing Adventure Along The Robertson River In The Foothills Of The Eastern Alaskan RangeAmazing Adventure Along The Robertson River In The Foothills Of The Eastern Alaskan Range

Snow Covered Spruce Trees

Snow covered Spruce Trees decorate the season in the brisk temperatures of  Alaska. Have you ever seen such magnificent beauty? The Alaskan Range is magnificent and provides many adventures, no matter the season. If you have taken the time to educate yourself and are prepared for the unexpected, winter is one of the most fantastic seasons, with adventure around every corner.

The Beauty Of The Cold Long Winters On The Robertson River

The Robertson River is a tributary of the Tanana River. Sections of this beautiful and secluded River can be reached by car during the summer months. While other areas are seldom totally ice free, even in the summer. The river runs through one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the state.

The Robertson is teaming with many species of fish, and both winter and summer can be the perfect season. Fisherman spend the long summer days fishing in the many rivers and tributaries. Once the rivers are frozen solid, they provide the finest platform for ice fishing. Ice fishing is a winter style of fishing that is used by those who are willing to brave the elements in order to fish for some of the tastiest fish around.

The Eastern Alaskan Range Is A Haven For Wildlife

Wildlife abounds in the heart of the Eastern Alaska Range. Along the icy banks of the Robertson River is the snow covered wilderness that is home to many species of wildlife. Once the snow begins to settle in and stick, there is a beautiful white winter wonderland. Hunters often ignore the extremely cold temperatures for the opportunity to get meat that will last for months. Am I dreaming, or does this look a lot like a winter paradise?


A Thin Layer Of Glacier Ice On The Robertson River

Thick beds of glacier ice on the North side of this immense  wilderness ensures that the Robertson River often has a thin to thick layer of glacial ice. This glacial fed river is a small piece of paradise in the Tanana Valley.  This is the Alaska that most have never seen. The river is but a small piece in a perfect puzzle.

A Moose Grazing On The Small Twigs Of Partially Buried Trees And Bushes

Moose, unlike the bear who hibernates for the winter, spend their short winter days grazing for small twigs, the size of a toothpick. They wander the wilderness valley hoping for small branches and tasty twigs of Birch, Poplar and Willow trees. This is a time of extreme weather and bitter cold. This is the Alaskan wilderness!

The Robertson River, which flows through the wilderness valleys, provides all levels of adventure. There are many opportunities to hike, climb, trek, camp, float, fish, and hunt. There are many remote hunting and fishing lodges located in this vast mountain wilderness. So take the plunge and join us for a real Alaskan Style Wilderness Adventure. It is past time to explore those areas off the beaten path.

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