The Amazing Fishing Village Of Saint Petersburg, Alaska

The Amazing Fishing Village Of Saint Petersburg, Alaska - A boat is docked next to a body of water - PetersburgThe Amazing Fishing Village Of Saint Petersburg, Alaska - A boat is docked next to a body of water - Petersburg

Alaska’s “Little Norway”

If you can imagine a journey up the Inside Passage of Alaska, a journey so rich, so powerful, so life changing.  This is a journey so peaceful, yet powerful, so rich and yet timeless.  Saint Petersburg is a small fishing village, isolated from the rest of the state most of the year.  It’s small harbors are quaint and peaceful, welcoming the smaller cruise ships to it’s port. It’s people are friendly and waiting as they always have, for the fishing boats to come home.  This is a village that revolves around the fishing boats, the needs of the fishermen, and the routine of preparing the fish. There are many active canneries in this tiny community, and a few days here is life-changing. Life has stood still, the news has rarely effected this community. They are a close knit community of fishing families that welcome the stranger, like they were neighbors. Welcome to Saint Petersburg, the most amazing place on earth.

A Front Seat And What A View It Is!

Can you imagine the view without any barriers as you cruise the Inside Passage? “Little Norway” here we come.  The air is fresh, the water clear, and the trip is breathtaking.  As the cruise ship travels the passage, you can only imagine what awaits at the other end.

Seals At Play On A Buoy

The farther north we get, the more the seals are at play. The relaxing Alaska life is enjoyed even by the animals in this almost magical setting. Life is amazing on the Inside Passage, as we go “North To Alaska.”

The Majestic snow-capped Patterson Peaks From A Distance

At the early signs of Saint Petersburg, you begin seeing these magnificent mountain peaks complete with several surrounding mountain glaciers.  The grandeur of those early views are spectacular.

 First Views Of The Village

The first almost magical view of this little village who still makes their daily bread from the sea.  Life is full, simple, and rich in this fishing village.  The village welcomes you in person as you come into their village. This is a place where time has stood almost still.

Another Ship Docked In Saint Petersburg’s Shallow Water Harbor

Preparing To Dock In Saint Petersburg’s Spectacular Harbor

Canaries Still Functioning After More Than One Hundred Years 

The Hard Working Fishing Village On The Banks Of The Inside Passage

These cold northern waters yield some of the tastiest Halibut, Rockfish, and bountiful amounts of King Salmon, Sockeye, Silver, Pink, and Pacific Salmon.  The fish is a part of the day to day culture of the people. So many ways to prepare the season’s catch.



Getting The Pots Ready For Dungeness Crab Season

In Saint Petersburg, one season blends with the next. While the fisherman are fishing, those at home are preparing for the next season. Life is never dull, only peaceful, in this community of Norwegians. These must be some of the most efficient, yet hospitable people on earth.


Fresh King Crab And Alaskan Salmon Seafood Feast

Can life get any better? An ordinary dinner that is fit for a King! Life is precious in “Little Norway” and the people make each day count, yet it is laid back with a prevailing peace that is like magic to the mind and body. Are you ready for adventure? Grab your passport, and gather your things. This quaint little village is waiting to show you what life can be, on the far Northern Pacific, in Alaska.


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