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Anaheim: Magic In California

Overlooking magical Anaheim California

Anaheim California Is Magical

Anaheim is one of those places where everywhere you look there is excitement. Adventure is everywhere!  It is alive! It is enchanted! It is situated in the heart of sunny California. The weather is beautiful! The supply of sun, sand, and beaches are  endless. A beach is never more than a few minutes away.  Anaheim is a unique area. The spirit of this city is laid back and creative. It is both dynamic and trendy. Shopping is an experience. Anaheim is home to many world-class theme parks.  Disneyland, the happiest place on earth, has rides for every age. Here you will find the best of the old mingling with the new favorites on the block.  Legoland is especially fun for the under 12 age group. Though Lego lovers of all ages love Legoland. Legos come alive at Legoland!  Knots Berry Farm, the heart of the old west, has some of the best thrill rides in the area. Everything seems bigger and faster at Knots Berry Farm.  Sea World proudly presents many of the large and unique Marine animals of the world. Sea World has a fabulous water park and many exciting  rides. These are just a few of the theme parks that call Anaheim home. Discover the Anaheim Magic!

The Whales Have Arrived

Only 25-40 minutes from Anaheim is one of the best kept secrets of California. The California Grey Whales and the Blue Whales are only two of the many different type of Whales in the area. Each May through October sees large Whale migrations in the Newport Bay area. These whales are amazing to watch! Beautiful Giant Blue Whales migrate through these waters from Mid-April to October. California Grey Whales can be seen from December to May. In addition, you will often spot many other varieties such as the  interesting Humpback Whale and the Finback Whale. The Finback is beautiful! The Minke Whale and Killer Whales also migrate through these waters. There are many different species that can be discovered all year-long.  Whale Watching is one of the most unusual activities you will ever participate in. Join the adventure! Check out the fun! There are many Cruises that specialize in Whale Watching in the bay. Most of these cruises are under 20.00. Grab the family! Spend a few hours searching for one of the largest residents of Newport Bay. It’s time to go whale watching!

As The Evening Approaches

Newport Bay has a large variety of Dinner Cruises on the bay. Enjoy  the beautiful sunsets! End the day with a romantic dinner. The food is delicious! The opportunities limitless! The sunsets are amazing. A relaxed dinner cruise is the perfect end to a delightful day at the beach.

Returning To Anaheim

No matter where in Anaheim you choose to vacation, adventure is waiting. There are many day tours including the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier Tour. A tour of this carrier is incredible. Also on board is a flight simulator that is like flying your very own Airforce Jet. This tour will leave you speechless.

A perfect close to any day, is dinner at Gandhi Palace. It is located near Disneyland and is one of the best Indian Restaurants in the area. The food is fantastic! The service is good! The prices were reasonable. The  Paneer Makhani is a house speciality. It is delicious!

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