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Animal Photo Tour From Around The World

Animal Photo Tour From Around The World

 Komodo Dragon On Remote Tiomon Island Malaysia

Some of the most exciting things that the Exploretraveler Team does as we travel the world allows us to connect with nature.  We take jungle treks, mountain hikes, river tours, climb trails, and scale ruins. In the midst of everything, we often see unique shots of the animal kingdom.

Did you ever think about real dragons living on earth?  This Malaysian dragon can weigh up to 200 pounds. They are carnivores and are also considered cannibals. As much as a tenth of their diet can be the eating of other Komodo Dragon’s eggs. They eat wild pigs, deer, and other wild animals of the jungle. They are even able to take down an adult Water Buffalo.

 Hungry Monkeys In Singapore

This big guy looks like he is so very hungry in Singapore. Hang on to your lunch or you may make an unwilling donation.

 Formosan Rock Monkey Also Known As The Taiwanese Macaque  

Meet the Taiwanese Formosan Rock Monkey, who are also known as the Formosan Rock Macaque and Taiwanese Macaque. These cute fellas live in the jungles in the western mountain regions of Taiwan. They are the only living monkey native to Taiwan and are usually found between 300 and 12,000 feet. They prefer the jungle forest with it’s mixed hardwoods, mixed grasslands, and bamboo.  This enables them to eat to their heart content.

 Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Macaque Are The Only Monkey Native To Taiwan  

 Hang In There Baby! Formosan Rock Monkey Macaque In Taiwan  

These guys were so fun to watch, but hang on to your camera. The bigger the camera, the bigger the fascination, so if you want to keep it, hang on to it tight.

 This big guy is enjoy his banana!

 The Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard living Only In The Philippines 

Another one of the interesting animals of the jungle. This one is found only in the Philippines. The Sailfin Crested Lizard is an excellent swimmer. He is so cute when he uses his flat toes to run across the water. Just another amazing wonder in the jungles of Asia.

 Alaskan Red Fox Wants To Play In Cantwell Alaska “Do I Get Out Of The Car?” 

This is the most common fox in Alaska and the largest of the fox family. They like to eat small animals, but also eat fruits and other vegetation. They like to live in family groups, where only one mated pair breeds at a time, with the rest of the clan helping with the babysitting.

 Watch Your Step, The Philippine Sail-fin Dragon Lizard Could Be Above Your Head!

 The Splendor Of Wild Elk Grazing In The Backroads Of Washington USA 

The Moose Struggling  To Find Food During Winter In Alaska

The moose plow through the snow and ice looking for twigs and small tender branches. By the last half of winter this can be hard to find and by spring they are quite hungry and waiting for those first tender shoots.

 Petite Kirk’s dik-dik Antelope  in Eastern South Africa   

The Dik-Dik is the common name for four different species of Antelope and six sub-species in Eastern South Africa. They only weigh from 6 to 13 pounds and are 12 to 15 inches tall. They have a life span in the wild of about 10 years.  You can not miss those eyes, as they stare straight at you. So adorable, but yet they are so wild.

Where are you going next? Everywhere has their own adorable animals that live in the mountains, the jungle, the Savannah, the plains, and they are just waiting for you to take their picture.

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