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Animals That Make You Smile In San Diego California USA

Animals That Make You Smile In San Diego California USA

 “Having lunch with my Mama”

Gorilla’s at the San Diego Zoo in California having a “Mother – Daughter Lunch.” You have to smile as they ignored their audience, and mother continued feeding her little one. What an example of bonding in the animal kingdom!

 Giraffe reaching for the best! 

Everywhere our team goes we look for special animals in zoos, animal parks, safari parks, preserves, and sometimes we find them in a shop. Sometimes they seem to be talking to us or telling a story. This little fella had already learned that if you want the best, you reach high. Isn’t that what our parents always told us?

This little fella is running wild in the Safari Park at The San Diego Zoo. The trees are endless, but he knows that the tender and best leaves are up high, where only he and his friends can reach.

Milk Please” ……These babies are hungry!

There mamas could not get there fast enough for these babies. They were so cute as they waited for mama to give them some attention. Both they and there parents live at the Safari Park in San Diego, California.

Look At Those Eyes………He Does Not Seem To Miss Anything.

Lemurs are native to the Island of Madagascar. They are fun to watch and look like they are crossed with a raccoon and a cat. But they are one of the most well-known primates from the island of Madagascar. Sometimes they look like dancers gliding along and other times they seem to be singing. The only thing is they remind me of a whale. They are perhaps one of the most unique animals in the Safari Park in San Diego.

It Is Feeding Time For These Babies

What fun to get to feed the little ones that have no mama at the San Diego Safari Park. They are so cute as they get their bottle.

Happy Giant Panda Having Breakfast At The San Diego Zoo

This happy panda has come all the way from China to live at the San Diego Zoo.  There is nothing more important to do during the day than to eat Bamboo. These Pandas spend around 12 hours a day eating what they love the most, Bamboo. They have five fingers to actually aid them in stripping the hard outside and exposing the inner sweet Bamboo treat. They peel the hard outside away with their teeth and just eat most of the day away. No wonder they are so rolly poly and cute.

 The Long Snouted Indian Gharial Is Jurassic At The San Diego Zoo 

Wow, now this is not someone we would want to argue with! We did find him interesting from a distance. Just look at those teeth! Every animal is handsome in his own way.

 The Playful World Of The Schmidt’s  Red-tailed Monkey 

This little monkey is native to Central Africa, though he lives throughout Africa as a whole. He is one of our favorites, as he is so playful and unique. Look at those chubby cheeks! This is where he stores his food till latter. Now this little guy knows how to make sure he doesn’t have to share. They are so cute as they press their noses together in love and then run to play. This little guy calls the San Diego Zoo home, and here he plays in the most interesting and unique ways.

Desert Bighorn Sheep Enjoying The Sun At The San Diego Safari Park In California

The Desert Bighorn Sheep are native to the Southwestern United States and also to Northwestern Mexico. It is not any wonder that they guys are happy as a lark in the warm sun of Southern California.  The rams and ewes are fun to watch eat, as they break cactus apart and consume the tasty inside. The also graze on the wild desert grasses. If they are not finding these two things, then they look for other cactus. Today they were not too entertaining as they were resting in the hot morning sun.

The South American Guanaco At The San Diego Zoo In California

The South American Guanaco has the softest wool. Run your fingers through their fine coat and it is like Cashmere. In their native South America they are brushed daily, being careful to save the fur. Then it is woven into fine yarn and latter is used to make some of the world’s finest garments.

These are just ten of our favorites that call San Diego home. When we travel we like to search out the places where we can find animals that are well cared for and protected. We enjoy seeing happy animals enjoying their life. Some of the places are quality zoos,animal parks, safari parks, preserves, and others are in the wild. Wherever you go, search out those special places where you can connect with nature’s animals from around the world. They bring a smile and laughter to any day.

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