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Beautiful Birds From Around The World

Beautiful Birds From Around The World

Do you have any fish? Hungry Pelicans in Oceanside, California USA 

Found in many warmer areas, the Pelican has very few predators. Due to their massive size, there are few animals or birds that are willing to mess with them.  Their fishing skills are exquisite.  These elegant fisherman are amazing to watch in action. If there is fish to be found, they will find them. This fellow was tightening up his belt, due to a fish shortage in California.

Beautiful Birds From Around The World2

 Brandt’s Cormorants nesting on the steep ocean cliffs of Florence, Oregon USA 

Each summer many seabirds come to the Central Oregon Coast to nest.  The beautiful Brandt’s Cormorant are one of the visitors that comes to breed in the massive cliffs and on the many off shore islands. The presence of so many Sea Lions signals that there is plenty of fish in the sea.

Beautiful Birds From Around The World3

 The Majestic Great Blue Heron Of North and Central America

The Great Blue Heron lives In the wetlands throughout North and Central America. You will see them cruising the ocean shores with majestic wing movements. Their style of flight is slow, deliberate, and majestic. When looking around for dinner, this heron stands completely still, absolutely motionless.


Beautiful Birds From Around The World4

  The brightly colored world of  The Australian  Lorikeets Is Fascinating

These spectacular are small to medium size parrots with a tongue that feels like a scrub brush. They feed entirely on the nectar of beautiful flowers found in the coastal and wooded rainforests of Australia.  Like all parrots, they have a beautiful voice as they call out to each other.

Beautiful Birds From Around The World5

 Yuen Po Bird Garden keeps with the traditional culture of songbird keeping in Hong Kong 

These  beautiful small to medium song birds are not wild, like the others shown here. However they are found in the tropical forests of Hong Kong. Keeping song birds is a big part of Chinese culture, especially among the older generation. This bird garden is beautiful and the birds are taken in their cages  out daily for a walk, much like we would take a dog for a daily walk.

Beautiful Birds From Around The World6

Beautiful Peacock Found In The Balboa Park In  San Diego, California USA

Only the the males are really called peacocks. They are striking with deep colors and a long tail. The females are referred  to as hens and lack the amazing color tones.

Beautiful Birds From Around The World7

 “It’s A Gull’s Life For Me!” Relaxing Herring Gull In Eastern Maine

Throughout the coastal areas of much of the world, the sea side is full of gulls. This fella has made himself king of the Sea.

Throughout your travels you are almost certain to see beautiful and unique birds to where you are. Just another way to enjoy nature wherever you are.



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