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Bedouin Cowboys Of The Jordan Desert

Bedouin Cowboys

Bedouin Cowboys Of The Jordan Desert

Bedouin Cowboys Of The Jordan Desert are traditional and filled with fortitude. These Bedouin Cowboys, like the American Cowboy, have learned how to endure in the harshest conditions. They have no time for the movies, they are busy living in the desert. While many live in Rum Village, where electricity and internet are fully available, the traditional nomadic cowboy of the desert has none of those perks. To him, this beautiful red sand desert is his home. It is where he hangs his hat.

The only thing that moves fast in the desert, are the Bedouin Cowboys. Visitors are awestruck and silent by the magnificent ruins of Petra. The cowboys come from no where and go rushing past. They travel through the deep sand with ease. This is another day in the life of the nomadic cowboy. There is another mountain to climb. Life is harsh here in the desert.

The only “modern” convenience that you quickly see among these Bedouin Cowboys are their old jeeps. When you are in Rum Village the jeeps you see are newer and nicer in looks. But the charm of the old clunky jeep, with peeling paint is not disputable.  The engines purr in this harsh desert, the sand blows, and the jeep weathers. There is no garage for the jeep. It sits among the goat-haired tents with the horses. It has become part of the nomadic lifestyle.

The Bedouin Cowboys are captivating, humorous,  interesting and polite. They greet you with a smile a mile long. When at rest, the are friendly and try to carry on conversations in English. When their break is over, however, they mount their horses and they are off. Survival is a full-time job!

The Wadi Rum Desert looks and feels like another planet. There is nothing to compare it with on earth. The beautiful red sand is astounding! But it is not long before you realize its other side. To live in the Jordan Desert, is to be able to master the elements. You haul your own water and make a fire to heat it for tea. There is no faucet in the tent. Those beautiful horses have to be cared for. They are magnificent animals. They ride through the deserts with such ease. They are the partners of the Bedouin Cowboy.

The Bedouin Cowboy calls their goat-haired tent in the desert home. Surprisingly, these tents seem cool and comfortable. They are open, with goat-hair hides for roof and walls. They are portable, which is a must for a nomadic people. Life in the desert is peaceful and calm. It has the rhythm of desert life. They rise early, while the desert is cool, resting in the heat of the day. These cowboys are part of the rhythm……the only time they hurry, is on horseback.

As your adventure leads you through the desert, take a few minutes to get to know the horses of the Bedouin cowboys. These beautiful mares with their wisps of mane are beautiful. Their eyes  are soulful. They look right at you, making eye contact for a brief moment. These are the partners of the cowboys of the desert!

If you are looking for unforgettable adventure, look no farther than Jordan. Their deserts are unforgettable, making an imprint on your life. Engage with the Bedouins, they are friendly and comfortable to be with. And last, but not least, explore the hidden city of Petra. It will put a stamp on your soul.

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