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Burgers Over Charcoal Without Cheese

Burgers Over charcoal Without Cheese

Burgers Over Charcoal Without Cheese

Burgers over charcoal and skip the cheese please! Welcome to Tel Aviv Kosher McDonald’s !  There are 180 branches of McDonald’s in Israel, but only 50 are under Kosher supervision at this time. What does this mean? McDonald’s Kosher branches are closed during Shabbat. Thus they close before sunset on Friday night and remain closed until one hour after sunset on Saturday night. They also observe all Jewish Feast Days. This guarantees that no employee ever must worry about working on a Shabbat or Feast Day. Kosher McDonald’s serve all their burgers without cheese. They have no dairy products in the restaurant. There is talk about having dairy treats available off to the side, where there would be no mixing with meat by accident. During the Feast of Passover, the burgers are served on buns that are Kosher for Passover. All meat that is used to make the burgers is Kosher. The most unique feature is how they are cooked. The burgers are grilled over charcoal! Only in Argentina and Israel has this ever been done. McDonald’s Kosher is amazing!

There are 130 non-kosher branches of McDonald’s in Israel. At a non-kosher branch you can order your burger with cheese, though it does not appear as an option on the menu. You can also order milk shakes and ice cream deserts. This is not in accordance with Jewish dietary laws. According to Jewish law, you would not serve dairy and meat products within six hours of each other. The non-kosher branches have the traditional red and yellow signs, eliminating any confusion. They have drawn some criticism from the Orthodox Jewish Community for being open on Shabbat. Teenagers are bared from working on Shabbat in Israel. Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor enforces the law that ensures young people do not work on the Jewish Sabbath. Many desire to work at the non-kosher McDonald’s on Shabbat, because in Israel you are paid 150% of your normal salary on Shabbat. McDonald’s must find workers who are not Jewish for those branches.

Burgers on Charcoal are a delicious change in the menu. McDonald’s has generally liked to keep everything standard world wide. But change has come! Not only can you get delicious burgers, but McKebab is served in the delicious Israeli pita bread. Israeli salad is an option in the salad menu. McFalafel was tried and latter discontinued.  In addition to these regional specialties, all restaurants have the Big America series. This is a group of six burgers. The Big New York, The Big Texas, The Big Chicago, The Big Las Vegas, The Big Miami, and The Big Broadway are all served. Each of these have burgers that weigh from .275 pounds to .5 pounds. Now that’s a burger! The difference in the burgers is in the sauces and the onions.

McDonald’s Israel is the largest of all the burger chains with over 60% of the market sales. Yes, McDonald’s is loved by many in Israel and it’s growing fast. On your next trip to Israel, take a break and check out one of the Kosher McDonald’s. They are waiting to serve you. Can’t do without your cheese? No problem! At any of the non-kosher McDonald’s you can just ask. So, on your next Israel adventure, take time to discover the New McDonald’s. It is amazing!  See you there!