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Caesarea Of The Mediterranean

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Caesarea Of The Mediterranean

Caesarea, a jewel on the Mediterranean Sea, is stunning and impressive. It is beautiful beyond belief. The Mediterranean is the deepest blue. The sky and the sea blend together in a seamless tapestry of beauty. The ruins sparkle in the sun! The ancient Roman city of Caesarea sits on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. This city has ruins that are breathtakingly beautiful. Join us as we explore the Roman city of Caesarea.

The city was founded by King Herod in the first century. Caesarea was named in honor of Augustus Caesar. The city of Caesarea was a walled city! It was extremely well fortified. Archaeologists have found the thick walls of the city. Caesarea had the largest harbor on the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. The city was considered the most important city in the Eastern Roman Empire.

Caesarea is an archaeological delight. The quality of the archaeological ruins have allowed archaeologists to analyse many quality artifacts, inscriptions, and monuments. This and the writings of the historian, Josephus Flavius, has made it possible to understand this ancient city and it’s customs.

Caesarea is an extremely  impressive archaeological site! Probably one of the best sites open to the public world wide. It is amazing. Walk through the old city. Discover the culture of a time long ago. Experience living history!  Caesarea was well documented by the historian Josephus Flavius. It was also extremely important in Christian history. It was in this Roman city that the baptism of the Roman officer, Cornelius occurred. This is described in Acts 10:1-5.  It was from this city that the Apostle Paul set sail for many of his missionary journeys. It was here that he was taken prisoner and sent to Rome for trial, as he was a Roman citizen. This is described in Acts [23:23]-24. Between the writings of the Bible and the writings of Josephus Flavius, we know much about the city of Caesarea during this time. The history is fascinating! The ruins are amazing!

Visit the Roman-period theater located to the south of the city. It is the earliest place of entertainment in the ancient city. As you sit and gaze out, you can imagine what you might have watched in this magnificent theater.  King Herod’s palace, also in the Southern part of the city, is elegant and impressive. It sits on a massive rock that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea. What a magnificent structure! The mosaics are amazing! The columns are intact. Several inscriptions let us know when it was in use.

Take time to visit the amphitheater. During the time of King Herod, this massive amphitheater could sit about 8,000 people. Latter the seating was enlarged to 15,000. Can you imagine the chariots that raced by? Both the Eastern and Southern side of the amphitheater are extremely well preserved. The Western side was destroyed by the sea. Think about all the events that took place in this arena. Take a walk back in history. Immerse yourself in the life of the first century.

Another very impressive area is the 4th century bath house. The bath house has many rooms and courtyards. These rooms have some of the most magnificent marble mosaics. There are benches lining the walls and a hot area with a heating system. Certainly, this bath house played an important part in the daily life of the common people of the city. We can tell from the size and from the writing of Josephus Flavius, that this was a place where the wealthy also gathered in large numbers.

You can also cross the moat, and enter into a very complete Crusader city built in 1101.  The city was completely surrounded by extremely thick walls, towers, and a moat.  While you are there, stop and look back from the highest point toward the harbor. The view is marvelous. While standing there, you feel the safety of this fortified city.

Caesarea is amazing! Grab your hat, as the sun is hot, and join us as we hike through this ancient city. It is delightful! It is amazing! It is living history!

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