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Coeur d Alene Idaho USA

Coeur d'Alene

Coeur d Alene Idaho USA

Coeur d  Alene , an area of Majestic mountain ranges, beautiful lakes,  and fertile valleys, is one of Idaho’s best kept secrets. The greater Coeur d Alene area is home to many magnificent lakes. These beautiful lakes are leftovers from the awesome glaciers of the former ice age. There are over 55 lakes close to the Coeur d Alene metropolitan area. Adventure is everywhere!  No matter where you travel, there is a lake! The most marvelous of them all is Lake Coeur d Alene itself. Lake Coeur d Alene is the center of the city! What a beautiful lake! What fertile soil surrounds the city! What amazing mountains in the distance! Coeur d Alene is almost magical! If you desire  beauty that is almost perfect, you need look no farther.

Beautiful Lake Coeur d Alene  is home to spectacular Northern Idaho Sunsets! How beautiful the lake is as the sunset reflects on the water. Tones of reds, and pinks are amazing! There is magic in the air as the city reflects across the lake at night. A city that never sleeps! Beauty that abounds day and night! Even the moon rises over the lake in all its splendor. It’s reflection can be seen across the water.  Lake Coeur d Alene is spectacular and inspiring! It is the hub of the city. It provides hours of entertainment for the residents of Northern Idaho. Water sports are an important role each summer. Cruises and water skiing play a major role in the life of the city.

The lake is home to many species of water fowl. Have you ever watched an Osprey plunge into the water after a fish? The marsh land and the grassland surrounding the lake provide nesting areas for many birds. Many wild animals call the hills around the mountains home. Breathtaking views of mountains, springs, hot springs, lakes and rivers are everywhere. Idaho has some of the most spectacular scenic country in the Northwest! Much of Idaho is public lands and you can view animals in their natural habitat.  The forests and farmlands provide year around shelter for many birds and animals. You might even see a pair of Bald Eagles nesting in the late spring.

Just 30 miles east of Coeur d Alene is Silver Mountain! Silver Mountain is home to some of the most fantastic skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding in the Pacific Northwest. Near by is Galena Ridge Golf course. It is perfect for those who desire a lively game of golf. Family fun abounds at the Silver Rapids. It is the largest water park in Idaho. What fun for the family! The tropical pools are always a magical 84 degrees. Enjoy endless summer at Silver Rapids!

Planning an Idaho vacation is thrilling. Adventure is everywhere! Backpackers will find trails and base camps. Skiers will delight themselves at Silver Mountain! Families will flock to Silver Rapids. Idaho has something for everyone! Take time to explore the mountains! Bird watch in the amazing marshes. Hike the hills surrounding the many lakes! Take a cruise and just relax. Romance is in the air! The magical destinations in Idaho will delight the whole family! Make this the year for your Idaho adventure. Let it begin in Coeur d Alene.