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Del Mar By The Beautiful Sea

Del Mar

Del Mar By The Beautiful Sea

Del Mar, a beautiful picturesque beach, provides the perfect backdrop for a San Diego Adventure. Del Mar, California has some of the most beautiful beaches in San Diego County. The beaches of Del Mar are so gorgeous and enjoyable. The climate is Mediterranean and it is pleasant year around. San Diego is a perfect family destination. There are over two miles of dazzling and tranquil beaches, just waiting to be discovered. What a fantastic place to relax with a book, or to get your morning walk in. The wet sand provides the perfect track for those who want to run. What ever you desire, you will find it in Del Mar.

The waves at Del Mar are a surfers dream. This lively well-known surfing community has lots of prime surf breaks. When the surf is up, it is up and the surfers are ready to go. From 15th Street in Del Mar to the mouth of the river is the prime surfing beaches. Here you will find over 2 miles of fantastic surfing waves and excellent swimming. This is a major surfing community. It is the best in Northern San Diego. With plenty of intermediate waves for the beginner, there is surfing for every level. Even in Del Mar, you should always check the Del Mar Surfline report before you hit the beach. The weather is usually perfect, and the waves magnificent. Come on down to Del Mar and we will paddle on out.

For those looking for some special family time, there are two wonderful coastal parks. Powerhouse and Sea Grove Parks are located just beyond the surfing area. They are close to 15th Street and provide amazing family fun. What a beautiful location to have a family picnic or even a family reunion. The waves here are calm and perfect for the younger children. There are plenty of picnic tables for your use. This is a fantastic area for the family. Powerhouse Park also has an amazing child’s play area. This is a barefoot friendly, no dog area. It has all kinds of climbing structures and swings for the younger set.  For those who just dream of relaxation and a place to sunbathe, Powerhouse has some perfect grass to just chill under the sun. Another great location for sunbathing is the 17th Area beach. No matter what you desire, Powerhouse and Sea Grove Parks are perfect for the family.

Even though Fido is not welcome in the barefoot friendly child’s play area, there is a special area for Fido at the beach. North Beach, often called Dog Beach by locals, is over a half mile of fun for man’s best friend. Located above 29th Street it goes all the way to the edge of Solana Beach. So grab the Frisbee and put Fido in the car. It is time for a little dog exercise in Del Mar. The best volley ball area is here at River Mouth, as the locals call it. Volley ball is a favorite activity among those who call Del Mar home.

Del Mar has some of the most fantastic surfing, padding, diving and places to walk and hike. Run and walk along the beach. Explore the coastal bluffs that overlook this alluring beach. For the serious walker, check out Torrey Pines State Park and all the fantastic trails on the backside of Del Mar, in the magnificent Crest Canyon. No matter what your walking level is, there is a trail custom-made just for you. Just South of 15th Street you will find the best area for jogging and bicycling. Is there anything you can not do at Del Mar Beach?

Twice a year, the Gray Whales make their migration. Sea Grove Park, the cliffs, and those beautiful bluffs provide you with the perfect view of this magnificent event. These beautiful manuals are graceful and magnificent. Here you will find you have the perfect view to enjoy this wonderful occasion.

Even the divers are not left out in Del Mar. Just beyond the surf zone is the perfect place to dive among the reefs. Here you will find beautiful local marine life. There are many species of fish in the Del Mar area. Be sure to look for the magnificent sea urchins, and the Pacific Spiny Lobster. Both are colorful and fascinating. You will also find lots of Rock Scallops just hanging around and stunning Abalone.  With all the many species of fish in Del Mar, the fisherman are not to be left out either. There are plenty of places to throw out your line!

With all the beauty and the variety of events in Del Mar, what is keeping you from throwing the family in the car and heading to the beach? The community center is open daily from June-September from 10 am to 6 pm and until 5 pm October-May. Concerts in the park are often held in the stage area. Restrooms are scattered around throughout the beaches and parks. Mom and Grandma can always choose to skip the beach and visit the charming and quaint shops just waiting to be discovered. Almost all women like to shop! You will find everything from name brand clothing, children’s unique fashions, toys and of course gifts for whole the family. At the end of a perfect day, what could be better than to relax over dinner in one of the many small sidewalk cafes? This is a playground for the whole family.  There are lots of beaches that have many things, but Del Mar has it all!