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Diving Around The Beautiful Islands Of The Philippines


                                              Scuba Diving The Philippine Islands

The world of the Philippines is a diving paradise, with its 7000 tropical islands and beautiful crystal clear water that allows you to see for miles. There is nothing like this deep blue water. This beautiful water helps to complete this divers paradise. The beautiful coral reefs go for miles, it is like you can see forever. These coral reefs are every color imaginable and they are teaming with over 2000 species of fish. These fish are every size and color, from the smallest tropical species, to the larger native beauties.. The outstanding flora and fauna help complete this scuba divers paradise.

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                             Beautiful Tropical Fish Fill The Seas Of The Philippines

What underwater treasures these colorful fish are. So many species call these waters home. In addition to all the native fish, there are hundreds of species that migrate through this wonderful underwater world. It is no wonder that divers flock to the Philippines each year to share in this underwater experience. If you are a diver, you will want to join divers the world over, and enjoy this unique tropical wonderland.

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Imagine the excitement of a diver arriving to the dive site for his first dive in this Philippine wonderland. One of the many amazing sites is the Yapak, Boracay area. Here you will find a deep wall that plunges over 100 feet. There, in the protection of this giant wall, are White Tip Sharks and Grey Reef Sharks. They cruise the area like it belongs to them, and in a way’ it does. Schools of over-sized tuna call these reefs home. Tropical fish of every color and size are waiting to show off their colors. You will also discover Manta and Eagle Rays swimming in this little slice of paradise. If all this wasn’t enough, you will explore coral reefs of every color, shape, and size. What a magnificent place to dive and this is just one of the adventures waiting for you in the Philippines.

philippines 2                                           A Filipino Adventure In The Making

Where else can you see so far and enjoy so much? Why in Monad Shoal, Malapascua, of course. This is one of the few places in the world where you can see the unique Thresher Shark. The possibility of viewing this marvelous creature draws divers from around the world. Even when the spectacular Thresher Shark is unavailable, there are some of the most outstanding fish in the sea waiting to be discovered. Feast your eyes on the Batfish, the Tuna, or the Unicorn fish. Delight your senses as you watch the Flutemouth, Barracuda, or the many varieties of the Moray Eels. If those are too common, there is always the large schools of Bannerfish or the unique Lionfish. Whatever you enjoy, there is a dive site waiting for you in the Philippines.

With deep walls, shelves, changing currents and many wrecks waiting to be discovered, the Philippines is the perfect diving paradise. It is also an amazing adventure for the digital underwater photographer who is looking for that out of the ordinary shot.


                                                      The Inviting Philippine Jungle

After an exciting morning dive, a delightful lunch on the beach, and maybe a short nap, it is time to discover the Filipino Jungle. The many dive resorts have unique Jungle Treks where you will explore this unique resource.

The Philippine people are waiting to share their many islands with those who desire to explore the jungle, discover the countryside and most of all, dive their seas. Any time is the perfect time to schedual a dive adventure in the Philippines. Check your passport and pack your bag, it is time to book the adventure of a lifetime.

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