Eastern Washington High Desert Life Adventures

Eastern Washington High Desert
The weathered beauty of old Juniper trees in the high desert of Eastern Washington USA

Eastern Washington High Desert Life

Eastern Washington is the home of the high desert. What a unique place! The climate in summer is hot and dry. Winters can get quite cold. Winter snow is not uncommon. Anything east of the Cascade Range is considered Eastern Washington.  The second largest city in the state is in this dry desert. Spokane is a hub of activity for the Northeast. What a fun place! Here Shopping abounds.  Spokane also is the largest shopping area for much of Northeastern Washington and the Idaho Panhandle.  Serious shopping is done in Spokane by all. You can find it all in Spokane.  It has an international airport that also serves much of the bordering state of Idaho, especially the Pan Handle. This is a terrific boon to the Washington economy. The mountains provide awesome skiing when the snow arrives. There are many trails for the cross country skier. In summer these same trails keep the hiker happy. Camping is plentiful! Most places allow dry camping most anywhere. If you like nature, there are endless things to do.

The Juniper trees are gorgeous. It is believed the Juniper Woodland is the largest Western Juniper Woodland on earth. The Junipers extend from Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, Idaho, and into Northeastern California.  The Juniper is a slow-growing tree that elbows out other high desert plants like Sagebrush. Sagebrush is needed as habitat for the Sage Grouse. It is beautiful and fun to watch it blow across the desert. Junipers also make it hard for other trees to flourish like the Quaking Aspen, Bitterbrush, and Mountain Mahogany.  Juniper trees often live to be over 1,600 years old. There is one Juniper in Fort Rock, Oregon which is 64 feet tall and 5.5 feet in diameter. This patriarchal Juniper is an awesome beauty. All through Eastern Washington, you will see these beautiful and ancient Junipers. They are fantastic! They are ancient! They are the Juniper Tree.

The summer color tones of the Eastern Washington High desert are brown with autumn hues mixed in. The knarly Juniper Tree has a beauty all its own. Even the Sage Brush is gorgeous as it blows across the desert. Nothing though can beat the muted red tones of the Mountain Mahogany. This tree is pure beauty. It is an economic blessing to the region. The high desert is the place to hike and there are many hiking trails. It also provides endless photography. The desert is beautiful! It is a natural photo waiting to happen. Wildlife scurries across the desert floor. The desert is full of life!

Nestled in the valleys of the desert are the rich and fertile farmlands of the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington. The beautiful  Palouse is in both the Pan Handle of Idaho and Eastern Washington. In these valleys are some of the richest farmland in the state. Most anything grows in these valleys! Not only do they grow bountiful fruits and vegetables, but they are also wonderfully gorgeous. The beautiful Columbia River separates Oregon from Washington. The river provides many summer activities and is gorgeous as she moves through the beautiful gorge that carries her name. Windsurfers and boaters both love the Columbia River.  The Snake River is another major river that snakes her way through the Eastern parts of Oregon and Washington and the tip of Idaho.  She gets her name from her snake appearance. White water rafting is fantastic on the Snake River.

When looking for things to do, don’t forget, what’s in your own backyard. There is fantastic hiking, boating, windsurfing, swimming, rafting, skiing and many photo opportunities for the photographer. Life is great in Eastern Washington. It is fun! It is full of adventure! It is the perfect place for your next family vacation.


Eastern Washington High Desert



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  1. I lived in Washington state for several years and can attest to how beautiful the area is. It is definitely worth exploring :)

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