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Explore Ancient Passages In Petra


Explore Ancient Passages In Petra

Explore the ancient passages of the hidden city of Petra.  It all begins by an impressive walk through the Al Sig. This Eastern entrance leads steeply down into a narrow and dim gorge called Al Sig. It is less than 10 feet wide in places. Al Sig was formed when a natural geological event caused a deep slice in the sandstone cliffs. It was also the water-way that flowed into Wadi Musa.

It is at the end of this amazing Al Sig that you will find an enormous and elaborate ruin, called Al Khazneh or The Treasury. Carved deep into the sandstone, The Treasury is waiting to be explored. It’s rooms and spacious areas present plenty of opportunity for an active imagination to work. Take a walk in the steps of the  Nabataeans. Explore the many areas of the Al Khazneh. It is waiting to be explored. It is beautiful! It is beyond words! Step back in time and let the history of the Nabataean people come alive.

Passed the  Al Khazneh or The Treasury is the mountain of En-Nejr. At the foot of this magnificent mountain is a massive and ornate theater. Take time to wander from room to room and let your imagination go. What was each area used for? What did the theater have in the name of entertainment? Once you make your way to the theater, you will also begin seeing all the many tombs. Explore each and every room! Explore the many tombs and caves! This is adventure in the making. This is the point where the beautiful valley opens out into the desert below. The city begins to come into view. The effect is breathtaking!

Cut deep into the side of the mountain is the ominousness amphitheater. Be sure to explore the gaps in the walls and all the hidden rooms. Explore the deep fissures! Explore the different rooms of the hidden village.  Reach out and explore this ancient city, one that is often referred to as the cleft of the rock. It was called a city of refuge! A city that was a natural fortress. This is the hidden city of Petra!

The Nabataeans  were worshipers of the ancient Arab gods and goddesses.  These were the gods of the pre-Islamic period. They also worshiped a few kings which they deified. Throughout the Al Sig and the city proper, you will find examples of this type of sun-earth worship. You will find niches where these gods were housed. Explore the rocks near the niches. This is the sight of real worship and love for gods of another time and place. Dare to explore! Your adventure is just beginning!

Take time to climb the stairs to the old Monastery. It is absolutely amazing!  Climb over the rocks and into rooms of tranquility. If the walls could talk, what would they say? There are approximately 850 stairs leading to this story-book monastery. Glean the history! It is everywhere! Even the walls bounce off and record the astonishing history of the area!

If you enjoy adventure, join us as we explore the caves, nooks, and the city proper that was lost for hundreds of years. This is the year to explore the the ancient city of Petra.





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