Explore Travel and making the most of your travel costs.


Learn to use the Explore Travel Technique via crypto-currency optimization.

Explore Travel and making the most of your travel costs has much more to do with future planning and adjusting the the current changes, and preparing for the new changes coming.

For some time now we have been testing the use of bitcoin around the North East USA. We continue to travel around the area using Bitcoin, and converting other cryptocurrency into bitcoin for this purpose.

Explore Travel and Bitcoin

So here is what we find to be working at this time.

  1. Making flights using Cheapair.com
  2. Using our shift debit card connected to coinbase account.
  3. Buying gift cards we store on our iPhone using the Gift App.

Forward Thinking Pays

The main issue with your explore travel plans have to do with forward thinking. So you need to watch the market on your phone, and when your alt coins are in higher value convert to bitcoin. Now when bitcoin spikes you must buy ahead on the way up. For example bitcoin hits $12,000 you then go over to your Gift App and buy several cards that you store on your wallet. But doing this each time the market spikes you have extra for when the market is down.

Also you must learn to earn more crypto for current needs, and plan with other uses as well.

  1. Steemit.com
  2. Using kryptonia.io to boosts your message and to earn another crypto.
  3. Regular research on new ideas, and new investments into ICO’s that show promise.
  4. Make sure to network and help others so they help you.

Work Your Community Connections The Explore Travel Way.

One of our biggest joys is meeting the people around the world who have helped make things happen. The Superior Coin community is among a great group of men and women world wide who have helped us bring the dream of private based crypto to the average person. This trip is to the Dallas Blockchain conference, and presented an opportunity to tell people about Superior Coin, and just discuss the day to day life of living within the crypto community.

Always learning, and helping others understand what we as a company, group, and community stand for is always near, and dear to my heart. Hearing what others are also doing and being able to process this into ideas, and actions can also be fun when you enjoy it.

Another aspect of the cryptocurrency industry is meeting other teams, and communities that can enable you and them to grow by helping each other. Life is always about people, and we must forget that, and find ways to help and support each other in sustainable ways.

Superior Coin
Meeting The Superior Coin Community

“One of my joys has been to meet other people, and to teach them what has been happening within crypto-currency. There are many coins out there, and each of us have the community of people that we enjoy within our crypto life.” – John J Gentry

Here is some additional information in regards to digital gift cards.

Recently as stated in another post I began talking about using Bitcoin to buy digital coupons and use them for ordinary travel. So far I have been able to test out the use of StarBucks, Burger King, Chili’s, and Dunkin Donuts. Even these establishments don’t except Bitcoin directly then due in-directly via the Gyft service and phone app.

First I go online via my laptop, and purchase the digital gift cards. Once this happen my iPhone is automatically updated. I then verify everything is correct on my phone, and wait until needed. When using Starbucks as an example I then link the card to my account so I can get some discounts on top as well. Then at the time of service just open the app and tap on the card you want. This presents a barcode, and the service scans the barcode and the process is finished.

Here are some other articles that help explain things in greater detail.

Travel On!

Using Bitcoin To Buy From Everyday Business

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Grow Your Following

So the concept of explore travel is a term that leads to greater exploration by using crypto-currency to leverage your ability to travel in a unique way. By combining fiat, bitcoin, along with other services you could travel along with a perpetual fashion. How well you live would be determined by how well you network, and earn from your writings, and other methods of earning along the way.

Setting up your website is key in order to move forward long term. Don’t assume Facebook or YouTube will even allow you to post long term. Because you must have the freedom to express what you see, and that may not follow along with the political correctness nature of these companies. Many people are being banned from social media, and it is not always clear as to why. So always grow your site, and assume that is what you will have long term. That means direct visitors are needed always, and this will help you have a certain following.

Recap The Explore Travel Technique

  1. Create long term earnings.
  2. Don’t rely on social media for success.
  3. Grow your reach and network from your own website.

So next you you sit down and decide on a plan of action please consider this information, and feel free to ask others questions. The future is now, but you must learn along the way, and always keep up with new changes.

Travel On!

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