ExploreTraveler Presents: Exploring Jordan Via Photo Tour and Guide

ExploreTraveler Presents Exploring Jordan Via Photo Tour and GuideExploreTraveler Presents Exploring Jordan Via Photo Tour and Guide

Photo of the Day ~ The Ancient Nabataean City Of Petra

From time to we like to group allot of articles on a single subject, and present them as a small guide. The title under the picture is a link to another post with additional information. Most of the photo’s within this guide are from an area centered around Petra, and the deserts that surround this site. We hope you enjoy this small tour from our own eyes, and just maybe we inspire you to go there for yourself.

In Southwest Jordan you will find an amazing desert, colorful, extremely hot, with rugged mountains and deep canyons. Amid all this natural beauty you will find the city of Petra, built during the time of the Nabataean Kingdom between 100 B.C. to 106 A.D. For years Petra was a major trading center and capital city of the empire of the Nabataean people. Then for centuries it lay in ruin, empty, and forgotten. The city was lost for centuries. Now this beautiful hidden city is a UNESCO World Heritage Center.

Photo of the Day ~ The Bedouin culture of Petra

The Nabataeans occupied Petra till the close of the Roman Empire. The Al B’doul tribe  is said to be among those descended from the Nabataeans, who built the city of Petra.  This Bedouin tribe, the Al B’doul, lived in Petra for more than 170 years. They built their lives among the tombs and caves, feeling a close attachment to the city. Some of the members of the tribe were relocated to a city built just for them near-by. Others in this tribe still lives in the ancient valley, clinging to traditional Bedouin life.

Photo of the Day ~ Crossing the Red Sea in Aqaba, Jordan

To visit the Red Sea at Aqaba, Jordan is a compelling inner drive. Many pass Aqaba by, but here you will find water that is calm and crystal clear. It seems like you can see forever. The Red Sea is a thriving sea with a large variety of amazing marine life. This is a world class snorkeling site. If you enjoy marine life, spend a few hours snorkeling at the Red Sea,  Jordan’s only beach.

Photo of the Day ~ Exploring the desert valley of Wadi Rum

Embark on the adventure of a life time exploring the Valley Of The Moon. At times you can rightfully ask if you are still on planet earth. As you wander through this brutal but astonishing desert, you will see desert colors in the deep oranges. It looks like a freshly painted canvas, painted as only a master artist can do. Put on your sun hat, wrap your head  in a scarf, grab plenty of water,  and let’s explore this amazing and dramatic desert.


Photo of the Day ~ Timeless Splendor in the desert of Wadi Rum

These camels are valuable members of the Royal Desert Forces. The  Bedouins saddle up their camels on a regular basis to reach those areas of the desert that are too remote for trucks and 4 X 4’s to patrol. The camels are also often paraded around for tourists to enjoy. Anyone in the area that has a female camel that needs to be bred, may bring them by the Patrol Headquarters. This is a free service provided by the Royal Desert Forces for residents.

Photo of the Day ~ The Amazing Ruins Of The Greco-Roman City Of Gerasa

At Jerash the first thing you note is the condition of the ruins. What a marvelous site. The city of Gerasa was also called Antioch and is found in the North of Jordan.  This magnificent site shows the quality of the city. It is indeed the best of the Roman ruins we have seen outside of Italy.  You will find the ancient city among green hills and valleys filled with olive, plum, fig, and other fruit trees.

Wadi Rum….Timeless Splendor

Wadi Rum Desert landscapes, where the deep red rocks seem to protrude seamlessly into the dark blue sky. It is a land of fascinating landscapes and timeless treasures. Known as the Valley of the Moon, this amazing valley is cut into the beautiful red sandstone and granite. Timeless splendor, level headed people, and amazing shades of Autumn greet you on your desert exploration.

Photo of the Day ~ Beautiful Jordanian Sunset

Photo of the Day ~ The Lost City Of Petra In Jordan

Deep in the rugged pink sandstone hills, surrounding one of the harshest deserts in the world, you will find one of the Jewels of the ancient world. Welcome to Jordan and the unique city of Petra.

Photo of the Day ~ Adventuring Into The Wadi Rum Desert Of Jordan

This astonishing Red Desert is surrounded by amazing red sandstone mountains and made complete with amazing canyons. Walking through the desert you will see nothing until you come upon a tent of friendly Bedouins inviting you to join them for tea.

Deserts Comes To Life With Tea

The Deserts springs to life, as tea is served. Have you ever considered exploring some of the hottest deserts in the world? How about taking a break and having tea under a goat haired tent in the desert? Have you ever thought that it would be refreshing and make you cooler?

The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Part One

This is the magnificent entrance into the city of Petra, where history, ancient stories, folklore, and archaeology all come together in an ancient city, clothed in mystery. The entrance, designed by nature, is narrow and provided security and safety for an ancient people. You have just traveled through the awe-inspiring Valley Of Moses, looking at the amazing mountains of rose, red, and white sandstone, beholding the shadows of the mountains across the desert and then you come to the gateway of this mysterious city, the narrow and magnificent siq. If you look at the photo above, you will see just how enormously tall this entrance is, as both humans and animals appear to be quite small at it’s base.

The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Part 2

The sandstone hills hold mysteries over 2000 years old. Mysteries of the fortress built by the Nabatacans.  It seemed like nothing could ever touch it. The shadows of the towering ziq envelope you as you make your way through this mile long winding path and into the city. The first thing you see is the facade of the Treasury. The Treasury was most likely a temple built to the many gods of this enormous civilization. But if you let your eyes feast to either side of this first building, with all it’s grandeur, you will see the many carved quarters and caves that are intricately carved into these amazing sandstone cliffs.

The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Part 3

The spectacular amphitheater in Petra is amazing in it size, seating between 6,000-8,000 people. Can you imagine the excitement of the crowd as they watched events in this massive amphitheater? The amphitheater was built previous to the time of the Roman occupation of Petra. This very unique theater was carved into the sandstone rocks.

The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Part 4

Magnificent Boulders and cliffs of tinted sandstone greet you as you come near to the city. If you take time to look at the layers of reds, browns, oranges, and yellows of the rocks, cliffs,columns and the tombs themselves, you will be amazed. Because of the uniqueness of the sandstone cliffs that they are carved from, there are no two tombs or facades exactly the same.

The Secret Mysteries Of The Ancient City Of Petra ~ Conclusion

As our five part Petra adventure comes to a close, we take time to look at the upper levels of the Al-Khazneh or The Treasury. Here the mysteries of the lost city grow as we wonder just what this magnificent building carved out of the sandstone cliffs was used for. Most seem to favor that it was some type of a temple for the many gods of Petra after the many invaders of Rome took control, but there is also the theory that in the beginning it was an elaborate tomb.

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