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ExploreTraveler Presents: Exploring Lisbon Portugal Part 1

ponte 25 de abril

The 25 de Abril Bridge in the capital city of Lisbon Portugal is the longest suspension bridge in Europe.

Since we have been able to travel around Lisbon we thought today we would post an interesting photo tour of Lisbon Portugal.

There are several great spots around the city where you can get great views, and see whole areas of the city or even the whole city if you are high enough. It’s important for us to try and see the details of a monument or within a view of rooftops. Since architecture is built with real hands, and hard work we look toward the emotion of life within each image, and try to tell a story.

This view give’s us a tremendous amount of detail of old, and new. Notice the different tile roof homes with terraces on top or on the side.

The City center of Lisbon has a mixture of old and new, and you can find very old architecture built within the city.

Transportation around the city can be arranged in many different ways, and you can choose what fits your own style.

The art work of this women carved within this monument in the city center helps tell the story of the people of Lisbon.

Notice the building sitting within the area of someones home here. Every day this family awakes to be within the old compound of antiquities. Maybe they understand what and where it is or maybe they don’t but life continues, and new structures mix with old.

Unique food is abound in Lisbon, and this fish dish with a different form of potato chip then what most are used too.

On the other side of the city is one of two Christ the Redeemer Monuments. This one was built after the one in Brazil was built. If you have time you can take an elevator and see the whole city of Lisbon on top. It’s a wonderful view, and well worth the time it takes to get there.

Religion is a part of the human experience, and the Cathedral of Maria helps tell that story. Each edge of the building, and each person who lives around it give us a glimpse of the past within it’s walls and structure.

Art within these churches tells us the ideas, and importance this area had to the people during a different time, and why others of faith flock to its walls to pray.

The candles of prayer represent the peoples thoughts, hope, and dreams being lifted up to their creator.

The ancient old halls, and grotto’s hold those of the past within their caskets along each niche within it’s walls.

At the center of this church lies this ongoing excavation of past life that once lived here hundreds of years ago before the cathedral ever existed.

Lisbon, Tower or Torre Belem is a site to be seen. This once critical tower was the first line of protection as the ships began coming into the area of the city. This once island now sit’s out by the monument of the unknown soldier.

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