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ExploreTraveler at SteemFest Lisbon Portugal 2017 #4

SteemFest Lisbon Portugal

SteemFest has really been a blast this year, and Roeland and those who have helped them did a fantastic job. We will continue posting highlights of the event, and try to remember the main takeaways from this annual conference.

One of the smaller but more personal events was the morning pancake and Steem Art at the LX Factory. This was a little different and allowed us to meet with others in the morning, and to have some more in-depth conversations. The environment was a weekend market with food and items for sales.

LX Factory Entrance


Spices for sale

Fresh Juice For A Morning Pick Me Up

Meat Pastry Snacks

Allot to see and shop for

Fresh pancakes for SteemFest attendees

New people to meet and greet via Steemit :-)

This allowed us to speak with some people that we did not have time to meet before, and great information was shared between us all.

We learned so much about others, and now we will support some of the people who attended, and having a face to go with the online handle really helps to make a difference. We will continue to roll out more photographs and some videos as we start to get settled now that we are back.

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