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Exploring Monterey, California


Carmel by the Sea

Relaxing on the white sand beaches of beautiful Carmel by the Sea in Monterey is breathtaking. The sand is  white and pure. It is so fine that it feels like silk between your toes. What a perfect place to relax from the stresses of the work week. The weather is perfect. The waves are the spectacular. There is nothing like Monterey, California for unsurpassed beauty, and a serene beach getaway. No work. No stress. It is all about relaxation and fun, at Monterey. Carmel by the Sea is just one of the many spectacular beach communities on this amazing peninsula. Grab your hat and sunscreen……it is time to explore Monterey!

Carmel by the Sea is a small quaint beach town on California’s Monterey Peninsula. It’s beauty surpasses words. It has many different museums throughout the area. It is famous for its fabulous library of Historic Carmel Mission. The center of this small village is filled with fairy tale cottages. It is home to many artists and includes many impressive art galleries.  While at Carmel by the Sea you can get a feel for the peninsula and its history.

For the adventurous, there is the Scenic Bluff Path. It goes all the way from the surf’s edge to the unforgettable Carmel River State Beach. Here you can enjoy the vast number of bird species that call this beach home. There is also a scuba entry point for the divers among you. If that wasn’t enough, there are sea animals and vistas just waiting to be discovered. You will find one of the most fantastic whaling museums on the West Coast  at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Spend the day or several days, there is much to see on the Monterey Peninsula.

Tor House and Hawk Tower are two of the historical buildings in the village of Carmel by the Sea. They were built by the poet, Robinson Jeffers. Robinson discovered the unspoiled beauty of the Big Sur Coast and Monterey in 1914. Over the next ten years he built  Tor House and Hawk Tower as a home and refuge for his family. Located on a windswept barren cape, he began to build their dream home. He gathered granite stones from Carmel Bay and this amazing structure still stands today. Tours of these historical buildings are offered daily.

Carmel by the Sea has hotels, Inns, Bed & Breakfasts, Spas, Restaurants, and wineries. These accommodations will provide all the necessary services you may desire. While in this storybook village you will be carried back to a former time. You will find Carmel both casual and comfortable. Restaurants vary from beachy casual to the fine dining experience that Carmel is also known for. The Monterey journey begins the moment you arrive in the village. Welcome to the Monterey Peninsula!

Monterey trolley

Exploring Historic Cannery Row

Another piece of exciting history in Monterey is the Historic Cannery Row. Your journey begins when you board the first all-electric trolley without wires. The unique draw of this historical street is fascinating.  Cannery Row is one of the top vacation destinations on the Central Coast of California. It is a street of now deserted sardine canneries. It has been the stage of several poems, songs, and books throughout the years. You will find high-end  waterfront hotels with all the luxury you could possibly dream of.  The vast variety of enticing restaurants just wait to be discovered. There are quaint and captivating boutiques for those who desire to shop. In Cannery Row, you will find living history and a unique cultural experience. You will see signs of the Monterey that Steinbeck wrote about in Cannery Row, but the people of Monterey are far from emotionally hungry. A lot has happened since 1945. Take time to experience the magnificent beauty of Monterey Bay, while you take a few moments to remember it’s exciting past. This journey begins when you board the trolley!

Monterey Canning Co

Monterey Canning Co.

The advent of the Sardine fishing explosion at the turn of the century was swift. It gave birth to this famous street of canneries. Cannery Row was born and the area quickly grew. The canneries exploded during World War I with the huge demand for canned sardines. Then it slowed after the war during the Great Depression. A few years later, World War II ushered in the next boon for these canneries. Then after  World War II we saw the complete collapse of the canning industry in Monterey.  Cannery Row lay forgotten until 1968, when revival began once again on this famous street. Now it is a resort with a history. It is the number one destination for visitors coming to Monterey. The buildings have been restored. Some have been restored to their original purpose, and others repurposed into restaurants and shops. Enjoy lunch or dinner at one of the many restaurants at The Canning Co. You will find  food that is excellent and the original historic buildings adds to its uniqueness.

Explore the many shops that now have made Cannery Row their home. Here you will find those unique and one of a kind treasures to take home. Cannery Inn sits at the entrance to this historical district.At the inn you will find high quality accommodations in a causel atnosphere. Tour the canneries, enjoy a meal, and discover the roots of Monterey. It all begins as you arrive on Cannery Row!

Cannery Row Inn
200 Foam St, Monterey
CA 93940
(831) 649-8580

Monterey Canning Company
711 Cannery Row,
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Another fun activity while at Canary Row is a Canary Row Kayaking Experience. Kayaking is one of the amazing ways to see the bay. It is a wonderful way to see Canary Row Bay from the water. There are several different sizes of  kayaks and paddle boats for rent. You can also book an exciting tour at the Adventures by the Sea. This is an amazing adventure has it’s beginning in the center of the spectacular Cannery Row Kelp Forests. What amazing opportunities to see the marine wildlife calling this bay home. Sea Otters, Harbor Seals, and Sea Lions are just some of the marine residences living in the bay.

Another exciting event is to scuba dive at beautiful San Carlos State Beach. You will find this beach at the end of Cannery Row. It is one of the popular spots for divers of all ages and levels. San Carlos State Beach has become a popular launching point for scuba divers of all levels of experience. Here you will find a little piece of paradise as you relax and enjoy this peaceful spot. If you’ve never scuba dived before, today is a great day to learn the basics. The bay has a clear sandy bottom with an abundance of marine life. It is this magnificent environment that  makes this an excellent and fun place to learn.

Another fun activity while at Cannery Row is Whale watching. California is one of the worlds best places to see Whales from the shore. They can be observed year around, though April to mid December is the best time to see Humpback and Blue Whales. The depth of the bay allows you to spot the whales from the shore with the naked eye. Mid-December to March is best time of the year to see spectacular Dolphins and Grey Whales. It is always a good time to go Whale watching at Cannery Row.

Those who enjoy biking will enjoy the The Monterey Peninsula Recreational Trail. This trail is just above the shoreline of Cannery Row and winds along the California coast to Lover’s Point. At Lover’s Point you can access a bike lane that travels along the Pacific Grove Coastline. There are several different paths and trails available. The journey can be easy to difficult, the choice is yours. Bikes are available for rent at Adventures by the Sea.

For those with the desire to walk on water, renting a paddle board is just the adventure. You will find stand-up-paddleboards for rent at Adventures by the Sea. Need a little help getting those sea legs working? Lessons are offered for those who desire. What an invigorating way to enjoy the bay!

If you are ready to discover Monterey Peninsula, then grab the family and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. There is plenty to see and do on this beautiful bay. Today is a great day to discover your own back yard.

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