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Exploring Northern California

Samoa Peninsula

             Northern California Beaches

Gorgeous beaches and dramatic waves swell on the Samoa Peninsula in Northern California. This amazing stretch of beach is just over a mile Northwest of Eureka, California. Samoa Beach is the seaward side of this breathtaking peninsula. Heavy winter gales crest and play in the areas off shore. The area varies from just over 23 feet to 30 feet above sea level. It is this extremely low land that is bombarded by tsunamis and other tropical storms. The waves just off shore swell and run parallel to  the shoreline. Many of the waves tower to more than 30 feet high.  During these dramatic storms, little can be seen between these monster waves and the sandy beaches of the peninsula.

dunes and sign

              What Did That Sign Say?

Magnificent dune formations provide miles and miles of entertainment for those who love to cruise the dunes, spend a few hours beach combing, or even just enjoying the waves. What could be better than spending time in the Samoa Dunes Recreation Area?  While enjoying this spectacular playground on your favorite dune buggy, be sure to read the signs! Being aware of any possible weather changes and heed the directions given to you. This will make your time in this wonderland safe and entertaining. This is a spectacular, fun, and dramatic playground!

The Samoa Dunes Recreation Area provides access to 140 acres of beachland including many trails and paths. There are endless treasures to find and discover. There is also a new additional area just for riding your favorite dune toys. This new area extends about 1 mile past the northern boundary of the park.

Samoa Dunes Recreation Area
Samoa, CA 95564
(707) 825-2300

Military Bunkers

             Old Military WWII Bunkers

Take time to explore all the many trails and paths waiting for you on the Samoa Peninsula. You will find amazing things in this off-highway vehicle play area of Northern California. This used to be the property of the United States Military and you will find the remains of ammunition bunkers, and even an old lighthouse, no longer in service. If you like to explore, then you have arrived at the right place.

Dune buggies, sand motorcycles,  Dune vehicles of all types, and ATV riding are extremely popular on this stretch of beach. This is also a fantastic area for bird-watching. Those who enjoy beach combing will discover miles and miles of beach just waiting to be found. The boat launch provides a launching area for your boat and there are grills and tables for your use. Why not grab the whole family and enjoy some of the most exciting miles of beach in Northern California?


Arcata Bay

Salt marshes and wetlands of Arcata Bay

The vast salt marshes and rich wetlands of Arcata Bay provide the perfect environment for some of the riches oyster beds on the coast. Over 70% of all the fresh oysters eaten in California are farmed in Arcata Bay. The month of June is the peak of Oyster Season. These little treasures of the sea are farmed in bags and thus the bay is protected from harmful dredging. This also allows the cities of Arcata and Eureka to maintain a healthy quality of water in Arcata Bay.

Every year in the month of June, the city of Arcata holds the Humboldt Bay Oyster Fest. This fun and unique festival draws more than 10,000 people to Arcata. Oyster lovers travel to this Oysterfest from far and near. It is an excellent time to taste raw and barbecued oysters from many different traditions. What an amazing festival of oyster treats from some of the areas top chefs!  You will find excellent food, live entertainment, a kids activity  area, and vendors of every kind. This  is an excellent place to find local high quality products. Many award-winning wines and microbrews make their debut at this fantastic and fun festival.

569 S G St
Arcata, CA 95521
(707) 826-2359

Gone fishing

“Gone Fishing” on Whiskeytown Lake

Whiskeytown Lake is perhaps most known for its beautiful crystal-clear waters. The water is so clear that it appears like a mirror. This is one of the most exciting places to fish. Imagine, fishing where the water is so clear that you can see the fish! Enjoy views of beautiful and majestic mountains. This backdrop of spectacular mountain peaks are often mirrored in the crystal clear water of the lake. More than 39,000 acres surround this amazing lake. This National Forest has spectacular waterfalls, beautiful and pristine mountain creeks flowing to the valleys below and  70 miles of hiking trails suitable for all skill levels. Nestled in these mountains are opportunities to discover the living history of California and the famous Gold Rush. If you are ready to explore Northern California, Whiskeytown Lake is the place to start. In this exciting playground, history is alive and there are stories to be told!

The annual Harvest Festival is held in September of each year at the Camden House! If you enjoy the fall harvest festivals, you will like this annual spectacular community festival. This is perhaps one of the most unique of the fall festivals.

Mailing address for more information:

P.O. Box 188
Whiskeytown , CA 96095
(530) 242-3400



mount shasta

 Beautiful and Mysterious Mount Shasta

Beautiful and Mysterious Mount Shasta comes with many Alien stories and tales about other dimensions of life. This picturesque mountain is an active volcano that is always covered by snow. Nestled below are lakes and towns that thrive during the summer tourist months and sleep all winter.

The city of Mount Shasta is quaintly secluded below the mountain that it is named for. Mount Shasta is one of the most spectacular landmarks in Northern California. Mount Shasta City is less than 9 miles from the mountain that shares its name and has a stable population of 3,394 residents.

Summer time on Shasta Lake and the surrounding towns bring revenue from houseboat rentals, cabins, water sports, ect. The winters are filled with skiing and other winter sports. If you are looking for a place where you can have family fun, go no farther. At Shasta, Trinity and Lewiston Lakes, most of the campgrounds are managed by the Shasta Recreation company.  Camping is abundant throughout the area.

Make your reservations through the  National Recreation Reservation Service. You can call and reserve your camping spot today at 1-877-444-6777.

As our time in Northern California comes to a close, we invite you seek out the many exciting adventures of the area. No passport is needed, it is in your own backyard!


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