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Giraffes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

san diego zoo safari park

Giraffes at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Giraffes have left Africa and have arrived at the San Diego Zoo. There is only one specie of giraffes, though there are nine sub-species. The only difference is where they come from in Africa and slight variations in color patterns. The Uganda Giraffe is the only endangered sub-species. It is also the main specie at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.

Even though the Uganda giraffe is the only endangered giraffe subspecies, it is flourishing at the zoo. It only survives in a very small, totally isolated population in Kenya and Uganda. Their numbers are dwindling each year in their native East Africa. Yet at the Safari Park, there has been over 100 births so far in our large African Plains habitat! The Uganda Giraffes are happy campers at the zoo!

Giraffes are the tallest land animal on the face of the earth. How would you like to have a house with a giraffe for a neighbor? They can look into your window on the second floor. If fact, it is easy work! They have no need to stand on their toes. They are so tall that their gaze is at window level on the second floor. Now that is tall! Look at those legs; they must eat a lot.

What would it take to keep your new friend happy and with a full stomach? It will take pounds of leaves to fill that tummy! The average giraffes will often eat up to 75 pounds of leaves in a single day. They love the Acacia Tree. It is found in their native Uganda. Not even the thorns on the Acacia Tree will slow down a hungry giraffe. They have a very long tongue that just reaches around those pesky thorns. How ingenious is the giraffe!

Are you looking for adventure in Southern California? How about spending the day at the zoo?  San Diego Zoo Safari Park is fun and educational for all. There are many ways to view the giraffes. You can watch all the activities of the giraffes from the African Plains Overlook. It is a view point where you can see it all. You can also elect to take an Africa Tram tour. Just think about what you will see from way up over the African Plains Park. Watch them as they eat and play. You may even see a mother with her baby. What fun is the tram tour! And for those who want to get even closer, there is a Caravan Safari. Here you get really up close.  You can actually feed your new friends. While this little fellow is looking for his new best friend, Gloria to come see him……maybe it is time for you to become his next best friend. The giraffe is sociable and fun. Don’t miss out on all the adventure available at the San Diego Zoo.

What are you waiting for? It is time to gather the family and hit the road. Your new best friend is waiting!

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