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Glass Bottom Boats On The Red Sea

Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boats On The Red Sea

Glass bottom boats opens up a whole new world of discovery. Now you can see what the divers see. It is a living world under the sea. It is a world of color like no other. Discover the amazing world under the waters of the Red Sea at Aqaba!

The coral gardens are teeming with fish. You will see fish of every color and size. Check out the Lion fish of the Red Sea!  They are beautiful, elegant, vibrant, graceful and unique. While we should not be seeing them in the Atlantic, they are amazing in their home waters. They have unique markings and vibrate colors. This is a fish to remember!

While looking for beautiful fish, don’t overlook the beautiful Parrot Fish. They are beautiful and almost seem to glow. They seem to have all the blue and purple tones of the rainbow. You will see many different species while on the glass bottom boat tour. Often they are overlooked, while people look for a bigger fish. The Parrot may not be huge in size, but it is huge in color.

The great Barracuda is more to be feared than the shark. They may have gotten that reputation from the times they have been seen following divers. They seldom, however bother humans. They have been seen up to 85 pounds and 8 feet long. These unique fish are intriguing to watch from a safe distance or from the protection of a glass bottom boat. The Great Barracuda is the King of the Sea.

The last of my favorites is the Blow Fish. I love the way the Blow Fish inflates. They are fun to watch but dangerous.This is one of the many poisonous fish found in the Red Sea. Out of more than 2,100 fish, these four are the Kings and Queens of the Red Sea.

There is nothing like a glass bottom boat tour. The Red Sea has wrecks, corals, fish, and spectacular flora. There are several glass bottom boat tour companies in the Red Sea. Two of the largest are the Neptune Glass Bottom Boat Tours and Sindbad Group (Glass Bottom Boat Tours). Both of these have an excellent reputation for good service and an excellent tours. They also have an excellent safety record. Either would make an excellent choice for the tour of a lifetime.

Neptune Submarine Vision
Local number  962(0)779430969

Sindbad Group Glass Bottom Boat Tours
Sindbad Discovery 667 Glass Bottom Yacht
Address:  Aqaba 77110, Jordan
Local phone:  962-3-2050077

Jordan is a delightful country to visit and Aqaba is the gateway to a Jordanian Adventure. Why not make this the year to fulfill your dream? Any Jordan Adventure begins and ends in Aqaba. From here you will be able to take amazing tours on the Red Sea, and excursions to places like Petra and Wadi Rum.  These are only three of many outstanding places to see. It is time to book your trip today. Back your bag and grab your passport! We will see you on the shores of the Red Sea.

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