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Green Island Adventure

Green Island Adventure

Green Island Adventure

Green Island Adventure looms before our eyes! What unspoiled tranquility lies all around. The water is so blue and welcoming. The lure of unknown adventure is in the air. We gaze at our destination from a far. Some of the finest dive sites in Asia are in these waters. The door to a water paradise is wide open as we race toward our destination. Green Island is an island of untold mysteries beneath the sea. Just dive and see all the brightly colored coral fish. As we race across the deep blue sea, we ponder our next Green Island adventure.

Green Island Get Away

Are you wanting to escape from the hustle and bustle of Taiwanese cities? Is your head tired of crunching numbers all week? If you are wanting to get away, then Green Island is your paradise. Green Island is the perfect place for the nature lover. This small island is sparsely populated. There are a few towns, but most of the island is an open paradise. Adventure is everywhere!  For the most part,  the island has been kept free from commercial development. There are dive resorts on the Western and Northern side of the island. There you will find restaurants with amazing food.  From the moment you arrive, adventure is waiting.

Divers Heaven

International visitors are delighted with the quality of diving off Green Island. This is some of the best diving in all of Asia. The water is pure and clean. It is the deepest blue. Visibility seems to be endless.  The beautiful coral reefs are amazing. There are over 200 species of hard and soft coral in these unspoiled waters. It is even home to the Mountain Coral which is found only in the warm Japanese current. Beautiful colored tropical fish and coral reefs put on an amazing underwater display.  Snorkeling and scuba diving excursions are available with trained guides. First timers have nothing to fear. Everything is professional and safety a priority. For those who prefer not to dive, there are glass bottom boats cruises. These boats  cruise above the amazing coral reefs. No matter how you choose to enjoy Green Island, adventure is waiting.

Plenty Of Adventure

Green Island is a nature lovers paradise! Life on the island is relaxed. The pace of life is slow, giving ample time to savor each experience. The islanders are friendly and give their guests a pollution free environment to enjoy. Here you get away from the intense tourist spots and simply enjoy Taiwan at it’s finest. The island can be easily hiked by anyone.  There are many trails waiting to be discovered. For those not so ambitious, rent a bike or a motor scooter and cruise around the island in style. Discover the island! Set out on a Green Island Adventure. Enjoy the many rock formations that are present on the beaches. They are magnificent! No matter where you go on the island,  excitement is waiting. The climate is tropical and can be enjoyed year around. The water is always warm and inviting. Green Island is in the tropics, so even if it is miserable in Taipei, it might be beautiful on Green Island. Green Island is waiting. Escape the city! Explore the unknown! Discover your Green Island Adventure today!

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