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Green Island, Taiwan: Snorkeling It’s Coasts

Green Island, Taiwan
The rugged coral reef coast of Green Island Taiwan

Green Island, Taiwan And It’s Rugged Coasts

Green Island and the beautiful rugged coastlines are picturesque.  As you travel Taiwan, you will see miles and miles of pristine beaches and then there is Green Island. It is a natural and rugged beauty that surpasses all expectations. It is real! It is the volcanic past in the present!

Green Island is surrounded by some of the most fantastic coral beds in Taiwan. This provides for some excellent snorkeling. The island, due to it’s volcanic geography, makes access a little bit of a challenge. The awesome rugged shoreline beauty can be a slight hindrance to some.  There are three major sites where snorkeling is encouraged and the access is good.

Chai Kou is on the north side of the island and you can walk out to where you want to be on a concrete walkway. This enables you to pass by some of the sharp and rugged coral rock that is so beautiful. There is some surf to walk through but the currents are light and the awesome snorkeling will make up for the extra effort to get there. Good footwear is a must. There has been a few sighting of Jellyfish and caution is advised always.

Shi Lang is on the west side of the island. It also provides a good cement walkway for accessing the sea. It is still necessary to wear good sturdy shoes with a thick sole, so as not to cut your feet. The best time to snorkel is during high tide. If you try during low tide, you will be unable to float from reef to reef. The waters around Shi Lang have some of the most precious coral beds anywhere. They are both hard and soft.  It is a natural garden under the sea,filled, with tropical fish. What an awesome place to go for a snorkel.

Da Bai Sha is on the southwest side of the island and definitely a snorkeler’s paradise. Like Chai Kou and Shi Lang, there are concrete walkways to help you maneuver the coral reef. Shoes with a good thick sole are still a must.

Snorkeling around Green Island is discouraged outside of these three areas. The coral reefs are beautiful but can be dangerous if you are not in places that are intended for you to be. There is little shore and then it is pure sharp coral reef. Green Island is relentlessly pounded by the ocean waves and the black current can be quite strong. If you loose your balance, it is possible to have a very up close meeting with the reef that you may wish you did not have. So stay safe and enjoy Green Island and all the beauty it has to offer.

There are many tour groups that provide snorkeling packages. Green Island Adventures is listed below. If with a tour group they will generally provide you with flippers, wetsuits, life vests, and even bread to feed the many species of fish that you will see. Some motels have other tour packages, though Green Island Adventures has English speaking staff, which is helpful.

Hopefully this will be the year that you visit Green Island. Adventure is waiting. Grab your passport and pack your bag. Today is the day to schedule that vacation to Taiwan.