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Haisenping Bay Curiosities

Rock formations of Sleeping Beauty and Pekingese Dog Rock on Green Island

Haisenping Bay Curiosities

Haisenping Bay, a large cove on the eastern shores of Green Island, is blessed with unique and radical  volcanic rock formations. Nothing is of greater curiosity than the rock formations found on these islands. The islands of Taiwan in general, are blessed with interesting geological  formations. Green Island is no exception. Here, on Haisenping Bay, you will find quiet rocky beaches filled with bizarre volcanic formations. All of this is a blessing from their active and dormant volcanoes. As the Pacific Plate moved and shifted these curiosities were formed. Around each island curve you will find  extraordinary and beautiful landscapes.

Fabulous Vistas

Fabulous vistas come with a great cost. Green Island is amazing and you only have to open your eyes to see its exceptional beauty.  Take a short stroll up a steep challenging 400-meter path, known as the Little Great Wall, for a jaw dropping view! Little Great Wall is the northern wall of the crater of the volcano that formed Green Island. What amazing vistas of this whole volcanic island. The views of Haisenping Bay are magnificent. But first there is the climb that leads from the roadside.  Climbing straight up to a small pagoda you reach paradise. You are now standing at the top of the crater of this dormant volcano. How amazing are the interesting geological formations around the island. What a classic view Haisenping Bay! What rugged and wicked beauty!

Sleeping Beauty

Little Great Wall  leads to a pavilion where you can see Haishenping Bay. This is the crater bay! Everywhere you look, you are interacting with the volcano. Across the bay is Sleeping Beauty rock formation. Look closely and you will see the neck and then you can identify the figure. It is the princess sleeping soundly on the beach. A fantasy tale has come alive!

Pekingese Dog Rock

Another interesting rock formation is Pekingese Dog Rock. Take a good look at the rock and you will see the form of a Pekingese Dog at rest. The Pekingese is a small, well-balanced, compact dog. Why you ask, is it a Pekingese Dog? Perhaps the answer is waiting for us in Chinese History. Pekingese  dogs were bred for centuries in China. They were to be the well-loved companions of the imperial family of China. A royal breed, for a royal family. A breed of excellence. Now gaze again at the rock in Haisenping Bay. See the Pekingese companion dog to the Royal family. A dog of excellence! Trainable! Friendly and Gentle! They are again being trained as companion dogs…..they are a dog with a purpose. They are brave little dogs! They are sensitive, independent, trustworthy, and extremely affectionate. These adorable dogs make wonderful companions to the disabled. They provide company for seniors living alone. They are dogs with a purpose! Dogs of greatness! Dogs waiting to be a companion!

While In The Area

A short distance North of the Little Great Wall is a sign that says “to Youzihu (柚子湖).” It’s a winding road down to a rocky beach with towering and massive volcanic formations. Explore stone houses from an abandoned aboriginal tribal settlement overlooking Haishenping Bay. Take time to relax in the beautiful meadows that parallel the beach. Take time to hike, climb, and discover all the extraordinary caves and arches. Climb up a steep cliff to the North and discover a hidden grotto.  Discover Green Island’s interesting past. Haishenping Bay is one of Taiwan’s best kept secrets.


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