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Hollywood: Glamorous Past And Present

Hollywood's glamorous past and present
Hollywood’s glamorous past and present at Disneyland California USA

Hollywood Land Glamor

Welcome to Hollywood Land, where all the tinsel and glamor of Hollywood fills the air. Here the past and present come together to delight you. In Hollywood Land, Hollywood and Disneyland unite as one to reveal the glamorous past and the awesome future of the biggest name on the big screen. Here you can celebrate with attractions, shows, and awesome entertainment. You will relive the romance and glamor of the Big Silver Screen. Then you re-discover the past and look into the feature.  You will visit Hollywood studios and re-live the romance of the past. You will even take a ride down Sunset Boulevard! What fun that is!  And where will you end up? Why you will visit non-other than the famous Hollywood Tower Hotel

The famous and very haunted Hollywood Tower Motel has special events planned just for you. Imagine, bordering an elevator for a journey into the depths of the haunted Hollywood Tower Hotel. You will enter a whole new world of fear when you embark on the Twilight Zone of Terror. What an experience! Hang on tight! You are about to experience the Twilight Zone!

Discover the trolley cars of yesterday, as you ride the Red Car Trolley. What fun memories come floating back as you go from Hollywood Boulevard to Buena Vista Street. What excitement fills the air!

Take a fast and wild tour of a lifetime! It is time to visit Monstropolis on Monsters, Inc. Hang on, as scary is a mild word. Who will step in and safe you? How will you get out of this mess? Do you remember Mike and Sulley? Here they come to the rescue! Fear the sheer relief as they take control of Monstropolis! The monsters are now on the run and all is well!

While close by, check out the Muppet Vision 3D and discover what new in the Muppet World. See all the latest technology. Enjoy a sneak preview into the future of the Muppets!

Check out the Disney Animation building to see how to draw and bring to life your favorite Disney Characters. Hear you will learn all about how to create their appearances and how to give them a voice. It is all about personality, as you will learn from all the many exhibits. What fun it will be to create your favorite Disney Character and then bring him to life. This is the amazing world of Disney Animation!

Visit the theater for an awesome showing of Walt Disney’s Aladdin. This is a delightful event! Do you have little ones in the party? Take them to the Junior Stage to dance and sing with Mickey Mouse and others. This will sure to delight the younger ones in the family.

You can round out in trip to Disney at the Hot Dog Stand or the Smoothie shops. Here you will find tasty Hot Dogs with all the trimmings. Schmoozies has some of the best fruit smoothies! They will delight your taste buds.

And if you still have energy left, join us for dancing or a Disney Shopping trip. The many studio shops have it all.

So while in Southern California, be sure to visit Hollywood Land, for a new view of an old landmark.