The Holy City Of Jerusalem


                                                      The Holy City Of Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the city of God, is located on the plateau within the Judaean Mountains.  This ancient city is midway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Dead Sea. It is among the oldest known cities of the world, dating back to the Ninth Century BCE. This magnificent city with all her grander is considered Holy to three major world religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It is the ancient home of the Children of Abraham and is the center of Jewish worship.

Ancient Jerusalem, known as the City Of David, dates back to the 4 millennium BCE.  According to the Old Testament (Tanakh), King David captured this city and it became the forever capital of The United Kingdom of Israel.  His son, King Solomon had the First Temple built. and in the year 1538 Suleiman the Magnificent built walls around what is now the Old City. Since the nineteenth Century the Old City has been divided into four quarters: Armenian, Christian, Jewish, and Muslim.

The Armenian quarter is located in the southwest corner of the walled city. This quarter can be accessed through both the Zion Gate and the  Jaffa Gate. The Armenians first came to Jerusalem in the fourth century. Christianity is the official religion of Armenia. Jerusalem has the oldest diaspora community outside of Armenia. At the center of the quarter is the Saint James Monastery, where all activities and decisions go forth.

The Christian quarter is in the Northeast quarter and borders the other three quarters at different places. The Christian and Armenian quarters are basically considered as one community except for language differences.  The are over 40 Holy sites in the Christian quarter.

The Jewish quarter is in the Southeast quarter and is home to many major Synagogues and Yeshivas, including the Hurva Synagogue which has been the target of destruction numerous times. The newest restoration of Hurva Synagogue was rededicated in 2010. This is the center of all Jewish activity world wide. Jews worldwide come here to celebrate the major feasts each year. To all Jews worldwide, Jerusalem is the center of all religious activity.

The Muslim quarter is in the Northeast quarter of the city and is the largest and most populated quarter in the city. Until 1929, the Muslim quarter had a mixed population of Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Currently, more than 60 Jewish families still live in the Muslim quarter.

Outside the the Walled City is the modern city of Jerusalem. It is a beautiful, modern city which is the capital of Israel. In Jerusalem you will find markets, parks, skyscrapers, and every modern convenience. As you look beyond the city, your eyes will feast on a green and productive desert. Yes, in Israel, the desert is blooming.

The first of the major feasts of the Biblical Year are drawing close and Jerusalem is in a state of preparation for this years Passover. As the city prepares to celebrate their freedom from Egypt and the crossing of the Red Sea there is a hush of reverence. Even many non-religious Jews stop to celebrate the Passover and relive it's message. In Jerusalem, the city completely stops doing any business for each weekly Sabbath and each of the Seven Major Feasts of God. This is the most sacred city in Judaism! All Jewish prayers the world over are prayed while facing Jerusalem. Jerusalem is considered the City of God.

There is never a wrong time to make a pilgrimage or to go on an adventure trip to Israel. With a desert that is blooming, you will enjoy fresh fruits year around. You will find many market places, including Yuhuda Market open year around to serve the needs of locals and visitors. Grab your passport and pack your bag. We will see you in the Holy Land.

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