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Nightlife in Hong Kong

Night Life in Hong Kong

Nightlife in Hong Kong

The sun has set and the night life of Hong Kong springs to life. The intense humidity of the day has subsided, and the streets and markets are full of life. Night markets come alive with all the delicacies of the region. Wednesday nights, September to June, is time for horse racing at the Happy Valley Track. The Symphony of Lights is a nightly display of  spectacular lights on both sides of Victoria Harbor.This light and sound show is the world’s largest. Opera Hong Kong adds culture to Hong Kong’s night life. These are just a few of the sights and sounds waiting for us in Hong Kong. Where should we start, but at Temple Street Night Market!

The nights come alive with joy and excitement at the Temple Street Market. Night and Day the markets of Hong Kong are filled with excitement. Here you will discover the authentic Hong Kong. In the night market you will find culture, music, and almost any delicacies that money can buy. The choices seem like they go on forever. The local boutiques have closed for the night and the streets have come alive. This is the real culture of Hong Kong. You will find all you can eat as you graze your way through this large and fun market. Welcome to Hong Kong’s nightlife, the night is just getting started.

Be sure to explore the Ladies’ Market on Tung Choi Street. What amazing treasures you can find! Search long and hard for all the magnificent gems hidden in this market. Women the world  over love to shop and the Ladies’ Market is the place to be. As with almost all night markets in Hong Kong, fortune tellers are plentiful. And while your there be sure to catch an open-street Chinese opera. These impromptu Chinese opera performances are some of the finest. They add a little culture to the nightlife of the market.

For those who want to upgrade their cultural experience, there is  Hong Kong Opera. At this fine opera house, you will discover some of the finest opera experiences the world has to offer. Opera Hong Kong is unique. It is intriguing! It will add culture to your nightlife. It is an opera adventure that you will not want to miss.

Last but not least, is the nightly display of lights and sound that fills both sides of Victoria Harbor. The Symphony of Lights has even made the Guinness Book of Records. It is the world’s largest and most spectacular permanent show of light and sound.   Celebrate with Hong Kong as it showcases themes of energy, spirit, and cultural diversity. There is nothing like this in the world. It makes the vibrancy of Hong Kong’s nightlife come alive with incredible sights and sounds. The Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront has some of the best viewing locations around the harbor. Another excellent viewing location is the Golden Bauhinia Square. For those who really want to experience this fascinating light show, embark on your own private cruise around this beautiful harbor. This is a Hong Kong adventure and it is waiting for you.

Why wait another year? Now is the time to discover the nightlife of Hong Kong. Pack lightly and leave plenty of room for the gems you are sure to find at the Temple Street Night Market. Whatever you do not find there, you will find at the Ladies’ Market and if you still have room, there are many more fascinating markets in Hong Kong. Grab your passport and book your flight. It is time for a Hong Kong Adventure.